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Can ultrasonic cleaning machine remove rust?

Date: 2022-08-26Number: 276

With the development of science and technology, ultrasonic cleaning equipment is not only widely used in engineering, machinery, electronics, chemical, biological, medical and other fields, but also play a huge role in daily life. Choose the right cleaning additives for different kinds of dirt, ultrasonic can clean all kinds of oil, polishing paste, rust, oxides, blood, fingerprints, paint, tea dirt, carbon, dust and other dirt.

Can ultrasonic cleaning machine remove rust
Absolutely. Because the rust spot and oxide skin is attached to the surface of the material, and the surface of the object there are gaps, can be off. However, because of strong adhesion and hidden location, the general way of removal effect is limited. The cavitation effect is used to break up the bubbles which infiltrate into the contact gap between the oxide scale and the object, and the rust scale and oxide scale are peeled off by the shock wave when the bubble breaks. Can effectively remove the dirt hidden. Excellent cleaning effect.
What is the principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine rust
Many friends for the ultrasonic cleaning machine rust this problem, but also hold a certain amount of doubt. The rust removal function of the ultrasonic cleaning machine from the ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle: frequency higher than 20000 hertz of sound called“Ultrasonic”.
The ultrasonic cleaning machine is mainly through the transducer, the electrical energy into mechanical kinetic energy, through the cleaning tank will be ultrasonic radiation in the liquid tank, and then through the cavitation of the liquid medium on the surface of the object to carry out a high-frequency impact, such impact on the object's internal basic will not cause damage, through the high-frequency continuous impact, dirt on the surface of the object (such as rust) in the role of the cleaning agent, assisted by completely off. Under this impact, ultrasonic cleaning can not only remove rust but also give the surface of the object a new look.