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Common problems with Ultrasonic transducer!

Date: 2022-08-19Number: 248

The function of the Ultrasonic transducer is to convert the input electrical power into mechanical power (i.e. , ultrasonic) and transmit it out, with only a fraction of the output power being lost.
Ultrasonic transducer, the technical expertise needed to be addressed is the key to developing a class of Ultrasonic transducer with large power spacing and bandwidth.
The transducer consists of a housing, a matching layer, a piezoelectric ceramic disk transducer, a backing, a lead-out cable and a Cymbal array receiver. The piezoelectric ceramic disk transducer is made of PZT -5 piezoelectric material, and the Cymbal array receiver is composed of 8 ~ 16 Cymbal transducers, two metal rings and rubber washers. The utility model has the advantages that the effective distance is greater than 35m, the frequency band width is 10kHz, and the ultra-high-speed long-distance overall target can be tested.


Ultrasonic transducer

There are a number of common Ultrasonic transducer related problems that arise when you use them, such as:
1, ultrasonic oscillator damped, can use MEGOHM meter to check the plug connected with the transducer, check the insulation resistance can determine the basic situation, the requirement is more than 5 megohm insulation resistance. If the insulation resistance can not be reached, the transducer is usually dampened, can put the transducer whole (does not include the plastic spraying machine shell) into the oven setting 100 ° C about drying 3 hours or use the hair dryer to damp until the resistance value is normal.
2, the transducer vibrator ignition, ceramic material rupture, can use the naked eye and Megohm meter fusion inspection, usually as an emergency response measures, can break some broken vibrators, will not affect the normal start of other vibrators.
3, vibration degumming, their transducer is the use of cementing, screw tightening double to ensure that the processing process, in normal circumstances will not occur in this case.
4. The stainless steel vibration plate is broken, usually after 10 years of full load application, the vibration plate may be broken.
5, the vibrator out of the ear-piercing sound, can check the vibrator screw, reassembly, or ceramic pieces loose, damage will occur in such a situation.