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Common trouble of ultrasonic cleaning machine!

Date: 2022-09-02Number: 490

In the use of machine equipment in the process, due to various reasons, it is inevitable that equipment failure will occur, unable to work properly. Once the failure, such as back to the factory repair, both trouble and affect the work. But in fact, many of the fault know the cause, can be self-repair, repair will soon, improve productivity.

Here to analyze the common problems of ultrasonic cleaning machine.


ultrasonic cleaning machine

01 the fuse is fused/damaged

Analysis: If the power supply indicator light is not on after power-on, in the exclusion of power line failure (that is, power failure or no power supply) , the primary inspection object is the equipment fuse.

Testing: unload the safety, carefully see if there is a break, and can use a multimeter on the broken file for testing, if confirmed is the problem of the fuse, the first thing to analyze the cause of the fuse, and then replacement parts, boot for testing.

02 vibrator damage or degumming

Analysis: as a result of a long time in the starting state, the temperature will gradually rise, resulting in colloid melting, transducer off or transducer ceramic part of the fracture.

Test: measure the insulation strength of the transducer with the shaking table, the insulation strength below 200mω can not be used again, need to replace the transducer, the internal ceramic of the transducer is broken because of long-term use, so that it can not work properly.

03 power tube damaged

Analysis: the power tube on the motherboard because of the machine for a long time or continuous use, use of cleaning agent is too little, may lead to a short circuit in the power tube.

Detection: when the power is connected to the motherboard, with a multimeter to measure the resistance of the power tube on both sides of the pin, under normal circumstances should be about 22Ω. After disassembling the power tube (disconnecting from the motherboard) , the measuring pin should be disconnected.

04 manostat damaged

Analysis: the damage is generally in the power tube resistance value is small or short-circuit, caused by boot, itself is rarely damaged.

Detection: according to the diode characteristics, forward conduction, reverse cut-off. The forward resistance is about 70Ω, and the reverse is ∞ . If the numerical deviation is too large or the forward resistance value is also ∞ , replace the new regulator.

05 control board damage (adjustable ultrasonic cleaner) 

Analysis: Long-term continuous work, components related to aging, and sometimes will infiltrate the cleaning fluid.

Detection: disconnect the control board from the motherboard when the machine is not working. Electrify the motherboard, if the machine works, it means that the control board is damaged and needs to be replaced.

06 inductance, isolation transformer damage

Analysis: because the machine works for a long time, inductors, transformers belong to the heat dissipation components, its own temperature may be too high and melting, burning, causing a short-circuit.

Detection: inductance, transformer damage, in most cases can be seen visually burned traces, replacement of new devices.