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How do you adjust the Ultrasonic welding transducer?

Date: 2022-09-01Number: 208

Ultrasonic welding: how should the transducer be adjusted
The Ultrasonic welding's transducer converts electrical power into mechanical power and transmits it, while consuming a small amount of ultrasonic power. The Ultrasonic transducer generally consists of a housing, a matching layer, a piezoelectric ceramic disk transducer, a backing, an extraction cable, and a Cymbal array receiver.


Ultrasonic welding transducer

A high-quality Ultrasonic welding requires expertise in ultrasonic assembly in addition to looking at the accessories used by the manufacturer, so the adjustment of the ultrasonic connection transducer is an important part of it.
1. First observe whether the driving signal of the ultrasonic power tube is normal, first open the chassis, connect the oscilloscope probe to the power board, then observe whether the driving signal of the power tube displayed by the oscilloscope is normal or not, the amplitude of the signal is 12V; The waveform is normal before the next debugging step. Step-up transformer, matching inductor, frequency test diode, regulating frequency potentiometer IC1 module IC2 module.
2. Remove all the pads from the matching inductor, turn on the power supply, measure the D _ 1(frequency test diode) with the frequency meter, adjust the frequency potentiometer W _ 1 and w _ 2 to make the frequency close to the operating frequency of the oscillator, adjust the power of the potentiometer to maximum. Then slowly pull out the magnetic core with the matching inductor by hand, while observing the change of the ammeter , the current will rise slowly (be careful not to exceed the maximum output current in the process) , when the matching inductor pumping to a certain extent, the current will slowly decline, then observe whether the highest point of the current is the rated current, if it is directly with the Shim Pad to the highest point of the current, that is, the best resonance point.
3. If the highest point of the current is less than the rated current, the frequency will be increased, and the current will rise until the rated current is reached; conversely, if the highest point of the current is greater than the rated current, the frequency will be decreased, and the current will be decreased, the final measurement frequency should be 26 khz-31 khz and 40 khz should be 39 khz-41 khz until the current reaches the rated current.
Note: The current during debugging should not exceed the maximum output current of this generator (i. e. working current) , otherwise it will damage the generator. When debugging, the rated current is calculated according to 0.15 a of each vibrator. When the number of vibrators is large, the current can be appropriately reduced to 0.12 a.
The positive and negative polarity of the Ultrasonic transducer/n/nNormal Ultrasonic transducer plants are marked with a dot on the positive side. If there is no mark, with a multimeter measuring two half of the voltage, pressure on the ceramic plate, the output voltage is positive, that with the multimeter positive contact surface is positive, otherwise it is negative.