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How to choose a suitable laboratory medical ultrasonic cleaning instrument?

Date: 2022-08-17Number: 203

Types of medical ultrasonic cleaners

Medical ultrasonic cleaners have different configurations according to different cleaning requirements, which can be roughly divided into the following:

1. Single tank medical ultrasonic cleaning instrument: only ultrasonic cleaning tank is available. There are two models: horizontal and table type.

2. Double tank medical ultrasonic cleaning instrument: including ultrasonic cleaning tank and ultrasonic immersion tank.

3. Multi tank medical ultrasonic cleaning instrument: on the premise of double tanks, a drying box, an oil immersion boiling tank, a pre immersion tank, etc. are added.


medical ultrasonic cleaning instrument

4. Medical full-automatic ultrasonic cleaning instrument: after setting the program, it can automatically perform all cleaning processes without manual control. It is suitable for cleaning and disinfection of a large number of equipment in the hospital.

 Application of medical ultrasonic cleaning instrument

The medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a special cleaning machine for the medical equipment industry, scientific research institutions and pharmaceutical factories. It is mainly used to clean, soak, oil and dry the contaminated equipment such as scalpels, forceps, hemostatic forceps, endoscopic biopsy forceps, injection needles, syringes, test tubes, glass sheets, dressing bowls, drums, pressure gauges, etc., and can completely clean all kinds of stains on the instruments and surgical accessories in the operating room, Eliminate the problem of incomplete manual cleaning, and at the same time, the maintenance personnel will not be polluted.

 What are the advantages of medical ultrasonic cleaning instrument

As an indispensable instrument in the biological laboratory and chemical laboratory of the hospital operating room, supply room, disinfection center, scientific research unit and pharmaceutical factory, the advantages of medical ultrasonic cleaning instrument are:

1. Good cleaning effect: many medical instruments have the characteristics of uneven surface and small blind hole. Even steam cleaning and high-pressure water jet can not clean them. The cavitation effect of ultrasonic cleaner can dissolve the facial mask on the surface of accelerator material, and the cleaning effect is obvious and more complete.

2. High cleaning efficiency in the past, the traditional cleaning of medical equipment usually required multi enzyme soaking, manual brushing, washing and other procedures, which was time-consuming and laborious. Moreover, it was difficult to ensure the cleaning quality of the equipment by manual operation. However, it was very convenient to use the medical ultrasonic cleaning instrument. After soaking the equipment in multi enzyme cleaning solution, it was directly put into the cleaning tank, put the cleaning agent, and set the temperature and time to automatically clean the equipment. The working efficiency was very high.

3. The health and safety medical ultrasonic cleaning instrument is a kind of pollution-free equipment. It will not produce electromagnetic radiation and other problems during the cleaning process. There is no need for manual contact during the whole cleaning process to eliminate secondary pollution; For medical personnel, it can also isolate the bacteria and viruses remaining on the equipment to maintain the safety and health of medical personnel.