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How to adjust the ultrasonic generator?

Date: 2022-08-31Number: 253

Ultrasonic generator, also known as ultrasonic drive power supply, power box, intelligent controller, is the key component of high-power ultrasonic systematization.
Ultrasonic power supply is divided into self-excited power supply and other-excited power supply, self-excited power supply is called ultrasonic analog power supply, it is called ultrasonic generator.
The ultrasonic generator adopts the advanced technology of he-excited oscillating circuit structure, which can increase the output power by more than 10% compared with the self-excited oscillating circuit structure. The mode of ultrasonic amplifier is linear amplifier and power supply circuit.


ultrasonic generator

Advantages of ultrasonic generator
1. The ultrasonic generator can monitor the working frequency and output power of the high power ultrasonic system.
2, can according to the customer different regulation, real-time adjustment of various main parameters: such as output power, vibration amplitude, use time and so on.
Work frequency fine-tuning: adjust the working frequency so that the ultrasonic oscillator always adhere to the best state, work efficiency to achieve greater, adjust the scope of 2% .
Automatic frequency tracking: if the system is initialized, the machine can continue to work without the need to control the generator.
Vibration amplitude control: when the load of the transducer changes during operation, it can automatically adjust the driving characteristics to ensure that the vibration amplitude of the special tool head is relatively stable./n/nSystem Protection: when the system is not suitable for the work environment, the generator will stop running and alarm display, maintenance machine equipment will not be destroyed./n/nVibration amplitude adjustment: vibration amplitude can be raised or reduced from an instant in the process of operation, vibration amplitude setting range: 0% ~ 100% .
Automatic frequency search: will automatically determine the working frequency of the special tool head and storage.
How to debug the ultrasonic generator
The good and bad of ultrasonic cleaning machine not only lies in the characteristics of the generator, but also is very important to match with the vibrating plate. Different types of vibration plate or different installation methods and different working atmosphere will make vibration plate electrical characteristics change, so the correct debugging is the most basic guarantee of ultrasonic stability. This is done as follows:
Open the upper cover of the cabinet, connect the power and load of the electric control cabinet, connect a 10A AC ammeter or clamp ammeter at the power inlet (power switch) .
Turn on the power supply, the output power is adjusted to a larger watch ammeter reading should be close to the working current of the equipment
1) place the machine in the“Operating frequency display mode”(check the“7. Display selection for normal operating mode” in the“Instructions for use”)
2) adjust the operating frequency of the display panel to find the high current point in the (27-31)/(38-42) KHZ range and record the current and operating frequency:
A) if the current is too small and the working frequency is too low (less than 29/41K) , the thickness of the shim of the inductor magnetic core can be adjusted appropriately (using highland barley paper sheet or bakelite sheet) , and then fine-adjust the working frequency while observing the current to make it larger
B) if the current is greater than the rated current and the operating frequency is too high (greater than 28/40K) , the thickness of the spacer of the inductor magnetic core can be reduced, and the operating frequency can be fine adjusted to make the operating current larger
C) if the current is close to the rated current and the working frequency is close to 28/40K, the working frequency can be adjusted to adjust the inductor
3) please turn off the power when adjusting the air gap of the magnetic core, pay attention to the analysis of the current trend at any time and place in the adjustment, avoid excessive current, and pay special attention to the effect of ultrasound, pay attention to the heating phenomenon of the power device
4) after each adjustment the matching inductance needs to fine-tune the working frequency again, so that the working current is at a maximum positioning point.
Under normal conditions, the resonant frequency increases with the increase of air gap, while the resonant frequency decreases with the increase of air gap.