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How to solve the abnormal appearance of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-08-20Number: 255

Now the ultrasonic cleaning machine has gradually replaced the traditional cleaning methods, modern new has a better basic function of industrial touch screen. The ultrasonic cleaning machine has a display, easy operation, low cost for daily maintenance and application, and can use the insulation resistance meter to check the power plug connected with the vibrator, check the value of insulation resistance can determine the basic situation, the general provisions of insulation resistance performance more than 5 megohm, if you can not achieve this value of insulation resistance, is generally the earthquake moisture, can put the whole vibrator into the oven set up 100 ° C up and down drying treatment for 3 hours or use a hair dryer to dehumidify the resistance value to normal.In the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine, if the shock is ignited and the structural ceramics are broken, it can be checked by fusion of naked eye and insulation resistance meter, as a measure of emergency treatment, it can break off some broken shock, also will not affect the normal start of other vibrators, vibrator glue is the vibrator is used to bond, screw tightening two-way to ensure the processing technology, in normal circumstances does not appear such a situation, stainless steel vibration plate hole, after 10 years of application of vibrator overload, it is possible that the vibration plate may be broken and the ultrasonic vibrator may return to moisture.

Check the circuit fault can be used to regularly check the electrical plug connected to the vibrator with insulation resistance meter, check the vibrator between the positive and negative insulation resistance value can be determined, most manufacturers choose the form of adhesive fixed vibrator, but the long-term use of ultrasonic cleaning machine because of vibration there will be open condition, the general vibration occurs after the opening of the ultrasonic power output power normal.
However, due to the poor connection between the vibrator and the vibrating plate, the vibration effect of the vibrating plate is not good. After a long period of time, because the kinetic energy can not be released, it is very likely that the vibrator will be burned, vibrator open glue for consumers to overhaul down is very troublesome, so only sent to the manufacturer to replace the solution.