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Suitable for ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean what items?

Date: 2022-08-26Number: 210

01 ultrasonic cleaning machine features
1, ultrasonic cleaning is a destructive cleaning, long-term use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment surface coating will cause a certain degree of damage.
2. The smaller the frequency of ultrasonic wave, the easier it is to produce“Cavitation effect”. The higher the cleaning capacity, the higher the damage of cleaning objects.
3. Industrial roughing usually adopts the frequency of 25-28khz. The cleaning effect of the changed frequency is obvious, but it is harmful to the service life of the equipment.
4. The experimental results show that the frequency of 40khz is better in the ultrasonic cleaning of medical equipment, and the cavitation erosion of the equipment is less.
5, high-precision equipment should choose 80/100 khz high-frequency cleaning frequency.

02 ultrasonic cleaning machine advantages
● high efficiency
To the inferior vena cava, the bone joint and so on constructs the tedious equipment to have the extremely strong clean work ability.
The cleaning speed is faster, the cleaning time is shorter, the labor efficiency is low.
● high cleanliness
To each kind of dirt also has the very good removal actual effect, to the dirt's cleaning is more comprehensive, to the deep hole, the crevice and the equipment secret place also may clean clean
The cleaning of equipment has a relative uniformity
● strong operational flexibility
It can also be used in close combination with automatic cleaning sterilizer
03 suitable for ultrasonic cleaning machine can clean what items?
Instruments, containers, puncture instruments, glass containers, compulsory electronic endoscopes (excl. Electronic optical tubes) , etc. in the operating room;
Due to the characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning, especially suitable for complex shape, with blind hole type of equipment cleaning.
Plastic, plastic, silicone rubber, optical laser lens, chemical fiber, electroplating gold, cable and other soft materials and coating raw materials are not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.