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What are the characteristics and advantages of the ultrasonic generator?

Date: 2022-08-30Number: 221

01 monitoring frequency
The ultrasonic generator can monitor the operating frequency of the 150W-3000W ultrasonic system;


ultrasonic generator

02 to adjust the parameters
According to different requirements of users, real-time adjustment of various parameters: such as power, amplitude, running time, etc.
03 frequency fine tuning
Adjust the frequency to keep the Ultrasonic transducer running at its best, maximizing efficiency with an adjustment range of 0.5%
04 automatic tracking
Once the device has completed its initial setup, it can work continuously without having to adjust the generator
05 amplitude control
When the load changes during the work of the transducer, the driving characteristics can be adjusted automatically to ensure that the transducer has a stable amplitude
06 system protection
When the system works in unsuitable operating environment, the generator will stop working and alarm will be displayed to protect the equipment from damage
07 amplitude adjustment
The amplitude can be increased or decreased instantaneously in the process of operation. The range of amplitude is 0% ~ 100%
08 automatic frequency search
Can automatically determine the working frequency of the transducer and storage