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What are the functions of the ultrasonic cleaning machine in cleaning objects?

Date: 2022-08-19Number: 203

As an advanced industrial cleaning equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machine has become the best choice to meet the cleaning needs, regardless of cleaning efficiency or cleaning effect. So, what are the functions of the ultrasonic cleaning machine in cleaning objects? Ultrasonic cleaning machine used in the home, industry, medical, electronic industries. Household ultrasonic cleaning machines and commercial ultrasonic cleaning machines generally have the characteristics of cleaning objects small, low frequency of use. Small ultrasonic cleaning machine can meet the needs of customers. Industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine according to the actual situation to determine the cleaning, cleaning continuity,


ultrasonic cleaning machine

convenience and stability should also be considered.

The industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine has the following functions: numerical control timing temperature control function, mechanical timing temperature control function, as well as numerical control timing temperature control power function, mechanical timing heating function.
Mechanical timing temperature adjustment,Mechanical timing temperature control is mainly used in chemical, electronic, hardware, YL and other industries. These will involve some precision instrument industry, the use of mechanical timing temperature, cleaning effect can be very good. Product mechanical operation is simple, staff can be operated after simple training.
CNC timing temperature adjustment
CNC timing temperature control using digital panel control working time, can heat water to effectively remove impurities, dark yellow, rust and dirt, suitable for cleaning circuit board parts, jewelry, glasses and so on. The use of numerical control timing temperature control can be more accurate, more suitable for cleaning cleanliness has higher requirements for users.
Mechanical timing requires no heating
Mechanical timing without heating function, you can use ordinary tap water or cleaning agent cleaning mechanical knob adjustment time. Very suitable for customers with mechanical preferences. In general, German customers prefer this type of product.
CNC timing temperature regulation and power regulation/n/nThe use of advanced digital chip, heating control, power adjustable, digital LCD screen can adjust the temperature and use time. There are many other options for ultrasonic cleaning machines. In the industrial field, many cleaning equipment is tailored to customer needs. At the same time, the function of ultrasound will be changed according to specific needs, and constantly adapt to the needs of the factory.