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What are the main points of the maintenance of the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-08-31Number: 261

As a cleaning equipment, ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory is basically machine equipment, although common, but very effective, therefore, to master the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine routine operation, a, the following criteria must be strictly followed for phased implementation.
The first step is to connect the cable between the cleaning tank and the generator;
Secondly, the cleaning agent will be poured into the tank, it should be noted that the amount of cleaning agent poured into the object to be cleaned, the liquid level position is about three-quarters of the overall. Then put it into the cleaning tank and plug in the power cord;
Finally, set the cleaning time, and then boot.
There are a few other things you should be aware of when applying your product:
First, the power supply of the ultrasonic bottle washing machine and the electric water heater must have better earthing protection device;
Second, the ultrasonic washing machine to prohibit no cleaning agent boot, in other words, cleaning cylinder and did not add a certain amount of cleaning agent, you can not turn off the ultrasonic power switch;
Third, there are heating equipment cleaning machinery to prohibit the opening of heating power switch when no liquid;
Fourth, can not use the heavy thing collision cleaning cylinder bottom, in case of energy converter chip damage, etc.


laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

The main reason for less than ideal cleaning
First, the ultrasonic washing machine cleaning tank cleaning agent level instrument is not good, which will lead to less than ideal cleaning, to adjust the washing machine level instrument to change the actual effect of cleaning.
Second, ultrasonic frequency coordination is not good and easy to appear ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is not ideal, must be re-planning.
Third, if the cleaning tank liquid temperature is too high, will also cause cleaning is not ideal, so to keep the environmental temperature of cleaning agent.
Fourth, the use of unreasonable cleaning agents is also a cause of the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is not ideal, must choose the appropriate cleaning agent.
In fact, ultrasonic high-speed vibration can clean and sterilize the surface of cleaning objects, cavitation effect is obvious, cleaning efficiency is much higher than human cleaning, and there is no clean blind area and destruction. However, these practical results are based on the correct operating procedures and reasonable and efficient work environment. Therefore, in order to achieve better cleaning effect, operators should pay attention to some practical matters.
Daily Maintenance and maintenance
1. To maintain the natural ventilation, dry, clean work area of machinery and equipment, conducive to long-term efficient operation of machinery and equipment and optimize working conditions;
2. When the cleaning solution is too dirty, it should be treated in time to remove the dirt in the cleaning tank and storage tank, and to maintain the cleaning of the tank and its appearance, so as to improve the durability of the cleaning tank
3. Electrical control boxes and equipment vents avoid water vapor, corrosive substances, dust, on a timely basis with the Compressed air to remove the dust;
4. Timely test equipment insulation performance, for easy aging electrical components periodic inspection, inspection wire joints, to ensure that the equipment better grounding equipment by the project by the professional experience of electricians;
5. Test the power supply on time, determine the power supply current suitable for the equipment, avoid the power supply in high or low instability for a long time;
6. Regularly maintain the filter element of the machine containing the filter device;
7 If the transmission mechanism is included, the lubricant such as butter and automobile oil should be added on time according to the requirement, and the gear oil of the reducer should be maintained regularly to ensure that the moving parts work in a good lubrication environment.
The key point of ultrasonic cleaning machine maintenance
1. In the cleaning process, we should pay attention to a lot of places, especially from the ultrasonic control box top of the air intake splash conductive liquid (such as water) , otherwise it will cause serious impact on the cleaning machine circuit system;
2. Normally placed, to always pay attention to maintain the machine and equipment clean, can not be used when the power off;
3. Our machinery and equipment is not collision-resistant goods, so the application of the case, must avoid the collision of the machine or strong vibration;
4. Machine equipment under high temperature, the electronic components and circuits are not very good, so must avoid the heat source;
5. Avoid heat source, prevent the machine and equipment to put in a humid environment;
6. The continuous operation of machinery and equipment shall not exceed four hours;
7. The long-running washing machine, in the first to turn off the output power knob to zero, the application of its fan and then work in 3 -6 minutes after shutdown to ensure that the internal heat release power.