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What is the role of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-08-22Number: 267

What is the role of ultrasonic cleaning machine?
1. Cavitation
The ultrasonic cleaning instrument transmits the liquid by using the ultrasonic wave with 20,000 compressions and depressions per second and interactive high frequency transformation, which makes the liquid produce the phenomenon of vacuum nuclear group bubbles. In this way, emulsifying effect can be produced on the cleaning object, and the cleaning efficiency of the object can be raised so as to achieve the goal of precision cleaning.

2. The effect of direct flow on fast dissolving dirt
The flow phenomenon of ultrasonic wave along the direction of sound propagation in liquid is the direct inflow, which can be observed by naked eye under a certain intensity of sound wave. The ultrasonic cleaning instrument is mainly used to stir the oil and dirt on the surface of the object through direct flow, so as to remove the dirt, which is very suitable for the petroleum industry. Of course, dirt and cleaning fluid will also produce convection, so that the speed of dissolving dirt faster, there is a strong transfer effect on the stains.
3. Acceleration ultra-precision cleaning
Some ultrasonic cleaning instrument frequency is higher, so“Cavitation” effect is not very obvious. The acceleration of liquid particles under the action of ultrasound to hit the ion, change can also be cleaned objects. Therefore, acceleration is suitable for some precision instruments, especially in the semiconductor industry, this kind of ultrasonic cleaning instrument is widely used, it can carry out ultra-precision cleaning, but also to ensure that the surface of the object is not damaged.