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What parts can the ultrasonic cleaning equipment effectively clean?

Date: 2022-09-02Number: 251

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can clean all types of workpiece, because it uses the principle of ultrasonic vibration, in a physical way so that the dirt on the workpiece dispersed loose, and finally all kinds of dirt will be crushed off, so as to achieve a good cleaning effect.

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So the cost-effective ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be effective cleaning of which parts?

1, semiconductor class of workpiece

Ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be cleaned semiconductor parts have integrated circuits, power tubes, silicon wafers, gallium arsenide, diodes, lead frames, capillaries, trays and so on. These work if there are dander, etching oil, stamping oil, polishing wax and dust particles and other dirt, ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be effectively cleaned.

2. Electronic and electrical workpieces

Many electronic and electrical parts can be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning equipment, they include electronic tube components, cathode ray tube, printed circuit board, quartz components, resistors, voltmeters, variable capacitors, circuit breakers, relays, connectors, variable connectors, electrolytic contactors, loudspeaker components, power meters, motor roller fixer plates on water pumps, etc. . If there are finger prints, powder, cutting oil, stamping oil, iron chips, polishing materials, walnut powder, polishing wax, paste, resin, dust, etc. can be cleaned using ultrasonic cleaning equipment.

3, optical device class of workpiece

Optical devices including lenses, prisms, lenses, filters, glassware, photographic film and optical fibers, can also be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning equipment above the plastic residue, resin, wax, fingerprints and other dirt clean.

In addition to semiconductors, electronics, and optical devices, good quality and low price of ultrasonic cleaning equipment can also metal and mechanical workpiece, plating type of workpiece, auto parts and various chemical fiber products for cleaning, thus, ultrasonic cleaning equipment can be cleaned a wide range, so that it has become the industry's new favorite cleaning.