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4 operation methods to double the efficiency of ultrasonic vibrating screen

Date: 2022-10-06Number: 199

Ultrasonic vibrating screen is a special equipment to solve the problem of adhesion of ultra-fine powder. The material characteristics of this kind of adhesive powder can not be screened on an ordinary vibrating screen, although the uniqueness of ultrasound to a certain extent to overcome the situation can not screen, but in some materials such as screening efficiency is very low.


4 operation methods to double the efficiency of ultrasonic vibrating screen

01 according to enhance the physical screening area of the method to enhance the efficiency of vibration screening

Raise the physical screening area, that is, raise the width or diameter of the screen surface of the ultrasonic vibrating screen. As we all know, the screening accuracy of vibrating screen and screen length, and screen efficiency and screen width, not only applied to linear screen, can also be used in ultrasonic vibrating screen (or circular vibrating screen) . When ordering screening machine to take into account the manufacturer's production is not large, select suitable for their models.

02 to reduce the accumulation of materials on the screen surface

Simply put, it is necessary to design a reasonable amount of feed, we can use the manual to understand the screening machine one-time larger load and its appropriate feed, only a reasonable control of the feed, let the material evenly distributed on the screen surface to ensure screening efficiency. If the one-time feeding too much, too much material piled up on the surface of the ultrasonic vibrating screen not only harm the screening accuracy and screening efficiency, screen wear and impact is a great impact. The particle size and characteristics of the material are also the key to determine the screening efficiency.

03 lifting the exciting vibration of ultrasonic vibrating screen

This mainly depends on the ultrasonic vibration screen equipped with the vibration motor to complete, is to expand the screening efficiency of a more practical method. Different from the linear screen motor can be freely adjusted with the screen frame angle, the circular vibrating screen (ultrasonic vibrating screen) motor is a vertical vibrating motor, its angle can not be adjusted, then we can adjust the motor weight to improve the strength of its exciting force, and then expand the screening efficiency (the exciting force intensity of the adjustment should be in the motor itself to bear the scope.

04 lifting screen cleaning device to enhance the screening effect of vibrating screen

No matter what kind of material, there will always be screen blocking in the screening process. For the ultrasonic vibrating screen, the use of bouncing ball in the screening of ultra-fine materials can play a double effect with half the effort.

In general, according to some skill changes, the screening efficiency of ultrasonic vibrating screen can be greatly improved, the natural efficiency and quality of different materials are also different. At the same time, it should be noted that those operating methods are based on the ultrasonic vibrating screen has a wealth of experience in technical knowledge and practical experience, otherwise, it is recommended not to carry out random vibration screen disassembly adjustment.