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Abnormal treatment of ultrasonic cleaning machine in laboratory

Date: 2022-10-20Number: 230

No ultrasonic once the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine appears this kind of abnormality, first check the power supply voltage, if consistent with the rated value may have a large fluctuation then immediately to repair. It is not necessary to check the power sockets, switches and terminals, wire terminals, if there is a need to re-docking firmly loose. Finally, you'll need to look up safes and transistors, and replace them immediately if there's an unusual fire sound or damage.

laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic wave is weak or produces the howl after starting the laboratory ultrasonic wave cleaning machine, discovers the ultrasonic wave is very weak perhaps appears the howl situation, then first inquires the transducer, the insulation resistance value and the cable wire, after ensuring that no dampness and damage also check the power supply voltage, if too low to take the corresponding method to ensure that the voltage to reach the requirements. Finally inquire the temperature of cleaning solution, ensure that the temperature in line with the applicable range.

Leakage once the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory gives out leakage, pull out the high-frequency plug first to distinguish if the machine body is still a generator failure, so first look at the power line, if there is no dampness damage, then look at the stability of the power supply voltage, if often large fluctuations will make it affected, should be properly handled. If there is nothing wrong with the power line, the need to see the equipment, if damp corrosion must be repaired.