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About matching the Ultrasonic transducer to the ultrasound generator

Date: 2022-10-15Number: 229

The field of ultrasonic cleaning was, strictly speaking, not a high-tech field, nor was it technically difficult. However, it was not easy to ensure accuracy and achieve perfection. Here is the question of matching the Ultrasonic transducer, also known as a vibrator, with the ultrasonic generator.

Ultrasonic generator, in the factory settings, usually defined as 28 khz, but also according to customer needs, defined as 23 khz, 25 khz, 40 khz and other frequencies, in line with customer ultrasonic paste transducer. Therefore, the customer in the selection of washing machine generator back, wiring, power supply, power switch on, there will be ultrasonic output in general.


But the effect is not completely achieve the best ultrasonic cleaning effect, why? Suppose, the choice of ultrasonic generator factory setting frequency is 28KHZ, cleaning machine installed transducer frequency is also 28KHZ, why the output can not achieve the effect? This involves a very complex problem of resonance points. For example, all at 28 khz, but no ultrasound output or ultrasound output is too weak to achieve the best cleaning effect, the problem? Although each transducer originally had factory setting specifications, because the specific capacitance was different and the inductance was also different, after the transducer was pasted on, the specific frequency would change, for example, standard is a 28 khz transducer, because of the adhesive glue thickness, adhesive screw welding vertical angle, fixed level of tightness, flatness of steel plate and other factors interference, transducer specific frequency may become 27.4 khz, may be 28.8 khz, or even higher, in the 2KHZ range fluctuations, are normal. The average frequency of the entire vibrating plate or the cleaning machine is not 28 khz, which requires you to adjust the ultrasonic generator to get the actual frequency of the cleaning machine, and this frequency that you found, is the ultrasonic cleaning machine and the resonant point of the generator. And this search for resonance point of a process, is the jargon of the adjustment. There was also a very large inductor inside the ultrasonic generator. The inductor was separated by several pieces of insulation. The adjustment of inductance was made by changing the thickness of the insulation blocks. Secondly, the frequency was adjusted, according to the frequency of the potentiometer to adjust the size of the frequency, the final output to the best situation.

Considering the complexity of the frequency adjustment of the generator on the market at present, the frequency adjustment of the generator adopts the single-chip microcomputer automatic sweep frequency adjustment, which automatically finds the resonance point of the vibrator, does not need to manually adjust the frequency, and the adjustment precision is within 10 Hz, this greatly saves the transfer time. The matching power only needs to adjust the gap of inductor to achieve the best cleaning effect.