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Advantages of bio-pharmaceutical ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Date: 2022-08-22Number: 198

Biopharmaceutical applications involve equipment with complex components that may be difficult to clean. Components such as hoses, filters, and valves can pose particularly daunting challenges. Cleaning pharmaceutical equipment by traditional methods is time-consuming and may be incomplete. This is not good news when you are trying to meet the industry's strict regulations and standards. Fortunately, there is a better way: biopharmaceutical ultrasonic cleaning equipment. The ultrasonic cleaner will do the job in a fraction of the time you spend on traditional cleaning methods. It will ensure that every part of the equipment is completely free of residues, eliminating the contamination problem. What's more, ultrasonic cleaning is gentle enough that you don't have to worry about damaging your equipment.

                                                                                                                     ultrasonic cleaning equipment
The working principle of ultrasonic cleaning in biopharmaceutical
Ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of high-frequency sound wave cleaning equipment. The equipment to be cleaned is completely immersed in the cleaning fluid. The Ultrasonic transducer is responsible for creating the sound waves that destroy the liquid. This destruction results in the creation of tiny bubbles filled with steam. When these bubbles hit the surface, they collapse, triggering the release of a jet of hot liquid. This process is called cavitation. The force from a hot liquid jet is sufficient to remove contaminants that adhere to the surface of an underwater object. The removed particles are filtered out so they do not re-contaminate the equipment. In pharmaceutical laboratory environments, ultrasonic cleaning can be used for a variety of equipment and components, including filters.
Advantages of bio-pharmaceutical ultrasonic cleaning equipment
Labor-intensive equipment cleaning is often simply seen as part of the workday. However, more and more pharmaceutical product manufacturers choose ultrasonic cleaning. Although it requires up-front investment in equipment, it can help save time and money in the long run. The following are the main benefits of choosing a pharmaceutical ultrasound tank over adhering to a routine cleaning method:
1. Your parts will be thoroughly cleaned
Production of products such as ointments and tablets may leave large amounts of residues on individual components of the equipment. It is difficult to remove all traces of the product using traditional cleaning methods such as stirring and scrubbing. Even with irritating chemicals, it is difficult (or impossible) to remove all residues from hard-to-reach areas such as threads, crevices and the inside of hoses. These concerns are mitigated when you use an ultrasonic cleaner. The cavitation bubble will reach any surface area in contact with the cleaning fluid. This means that all parts of the submerged object will be thoroughly cleaned. This is particularly important when equipment is used in batches of different products and cross-contamination is a problem. The frequency of some ultrasonic cleaning machines is adjustable.
2. With too much frequency, you can avoid downtime and reduce man-hours
Traditional cleaning methods can be time-consuming. Not only must you clean each component manually, but you must also disassemble the equipment and separate each component ready for cleaning. Ultrasonic cleaners clean faster, reduce downtime and increase productivity. It only takes a few minutes of cleaning to achieve results that traditional methods can not even achieve. You can even leave the machine unattended while you clean it for other tasks. This will allow laboratory personnel to focus on more important tasks. This may even mean that you don't need to hire extra staff just to clean the equipment.
Some cleaners are specifically designed for pharmaceutical equipment
Are you worried about using universal ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean precision parts? You may find devices designed specifically to clean your components. For example, we created a custom filtered ultrasound canister. This eliminates the onerous task of manually cleaning the filter and optimizes the performance of the filter.
Reduce exposure to irritating chemicals
In order to clean as thoroughly as possible when using traditional cleaning methods, you usually have to choose irritating chemicals. Additional personal protective equipment must be worn or there is a risk of contact with these materials, which usually take a long time to clean hands. More importantly, these toxic substances may remain on the components and contaminate the product in future operations. The ultrasonic cleaner allows for a hands-off approach that minimizes exposure. Irritant chemicals are not usually required. Due to the force of the cavitation process, a milder cleaning fluid can usually be used and is more effective. In addition, you can make sure that all parts will be touched during the rinse cycle, so you don't have to worry about detergent residue on your equipment.
The service life of the equipment can be extended
Over time, cleaning by traditional methods can lead to a build-up of residues, for example, on items such as filters, until components are deemed unble. In addition, irritating chemicals and strong cleaning methods can damage components, forcing you to prematurely phase out equipment. As mentioned earlier, with some ultrasonic cleaners, you can adjust the frequency. The higher the frequency, the gentler the cleaning, and the lower the chance of damage.