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Advantages of medical ultrasonic cleaner

Date: 2022-07-29Number: 254

As a new cleaning technology, ultrasonic cleaning has obvious advantages in terms of cost and cleaning effect. However, a single cleaning function can not meet the needs of hospitals. Therefore, medical ultrasonic cleaning machine will become the mainstream of the market. Many hospitals have used ultrasonic cleaning machine as a new type of disinfection and cleaning equipment.

                                                                        medical ultrasonic cleaner

The advantages of medical ultrasonic cleaning machine are as follows:

1、 Good cleaning effect

The use of medical ultrasonic cleaners can not only replace manual hand washing, but also meet the requirements that manual hand washing cannot meet. Even steam cleaning and high-pressure water jet can not meet the requirements of some instruments with uneven surface, small blind holes (such as needle tips) and high cleanliness. The cavitation effect of ultrasonic wave also promotes the chemical reaction and accelerates the dissolution of the facial mask on the instrument surface, so that the cleaning effect is more thorough.

2、 High cleaning efficiency

The traditional manual cleaning needs to soak the recovered equipment with enzymes, manually brush, rinse or clean some bottles with a brush machine, which can be said to be time-consuming and laborious, and the influence of human factors can not guarantee the cleaning quality of the equipment. When the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is used, the cleaning equipment is immersed in the multi enzyme cleaning solution, and then directly put into the cleaning tank. The cleaning agent is added in proportion. After the temperature and timing are set, the cleaning work can be started automatically.

3、 Health and safety

Medical ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of pollution-free equipment. The whole process is a pure physical cleaning process. It is safe and reliable, does not produce electromagnetic wave and radiation, and is harmless to human body. Moreover, the cleaning liquid directly cleans, disinfects and sterilizes the medical machinery without manual contact with the cleaning liquid, eliminating secondary pollution. It can also effectively isolate bacteria and viruses for medical personnel and protect the safety and health of medical personnel.