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Application of ultrasonic cleaning machine in automobile maintenance industry

Date: 2022-10-13Number: 159

With the rapid development of science and technology, ultrasonic cleaning machine has been widely used in mechanical manufacturing, electronic industry, medical device enterprises, biological laboratory and other fields, ultrasonic cleaning itself has the characteristics of physical cleaning or coordination of chemical cleaning agents more fully play the incomparable advantages.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

The application of ultrasonic cleaning machine in the field of some shops on the street

In daily life, most people would clean their glasses, jewelry, and so on every once in a while. Under normal circumstances, glasses stores and jewelry stores had each ultrasonic cleaning machine, and customers could pay to clean them again, cleaning faster, no scratches, oil decontamination effect is obvious, get rid of human cleaning is not clean a big problem.

Second, the application of ultrasonic cleaning machine to many auto repair shops

Car is an indispensable tool in daily life, a large number of car repair shops in order to save maintenance costs, save resources and use ultrasonic cleaning equipment. If a big truck in motion is difficult to avoid a little problem, or even to change parts. At this moment, the manual cleaning of parts and components is relatively slow, and the cleaning is incomplete. It seriously endangers the normal operation of large trucks. Xiao Bian strongly calls for the use of hardware ultrasonic cleaning machines and the use of some chemicals as well, the entire cleaning process to save human and material resources, can also be customized according to special circumstances, such as cleaning complete automatic air-drying.

The application of ultrasonic cleaning machine to medical equipment

Ultrasonic cleaning technology has long been widely used in medical device enterprises, especially in biological laboratories, hospital clinics, medical institutions, and so on, surgical Blades, medical tweezers, all kinds of dishes are needed to clean multiple applications of the instrument. There are many problems, such as high intensity, hidden danger, improper cleaning, and so on. The work efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning is further improved instead of manual cleaning, 360 degree no dead angle cleaning, high temperature disinfection, air drying and other links.

Line 360, each line may be applied to the ultrasonic cleaning equipment, the above three are only a representative of the industry application. In the future, ultrasonic cleaning machine will be applied in more fields, and a large number of potential users are expected to jointly develop and explore.