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Can ultrasonic cleaning machine sterilize?

Date: 2022-10-24Number: 226

The ultrasonic cleaning technology has been paid more and more attention in various fields since its appearance. The use of ultrasonic cleaning machine has greatly improved the working efficiency and cleaning accuracy, the traditional cleaning machine is faced with the problem of cleaning blind area, blind hole, etc. , however, the development and application of new technology makes this work easy. In recent years, along with the rapid development of electronic information technology, the ultrasonic cleaning machine, like the mobile phone and computer, which are indispensable to our daily life, has undergone several generations of evolution. The technology is more advanced and the effect is more obvious, in all walks of life is gradually widely used.

So why is the ultrasonic cleaning process so popular?


01 traditional cleaning methods

Dip washing: the cleaning parts soaked in the cleaning liquid, so that the cleaning liquid and dirt physical and chemical reaction to make the dirt gradually soften, and then peel off. The longer the soaking time, the lower the efficiency may be.

Boiling: to boil is to pour the cleaning liquid into the water and then heat the water until it boils. Cleaning fluid in the heating process, the cleaning effect increases at the same time the dirt in the heating process of softening or melting. This type of cleaning is less efficient cleaning.

The washing equipment used for soaking and boiling mainly includes the washing tank and the heating system. However, these two traditional cleaning effects are very limited, there are still many do not be able to clean thoroughly, and the ultrasonic cleaning machine has a transducer, ultrasonic generator, heating and temperature controller, the cleaning effect is much higher than the traditional cleaning method.

02 advantages of ultrasonic cleaning

Thorough cleaning blind area: ultrasonic cleaning machine for manual and other traditional cleaning methods can not be completely effective cleaning of items, has a clear cleaning effect, the utility model can thoroughly realize the cleaning standard and remove the dead corner dirt of complicated objects.

A variety of items batch cleaning: no matter how complex the shape of washed items, how complex the variety, as long as can be immersed in the cleaning liquid, you can achieve the role of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine is especially suitable for complex shape and structure of items.

Multi-purpose cleaning: ultrasonic cleaning machine can not only remove stains, sterilization, disinfection, removal of fruit and vegetable surface adhesion to crops. More need to combine different cleaning solvents to achieve anti-rust treatment, ash, wax, chip removal and other functions.

Reduce environmental pollution, artificial: ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning without adding chemical agents to prevent secondary pollution of water resources, efficient environmental protection. Ultrasonic cleaning machine can achieve automatic cleaning. You only need to configure an operator during cleaning, greatly reducing the traditional cleaning needs of a large number of personnel and cleaning time.

Time-saving, environmental protection: compared with manual cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine can greatly save cleaning time, energy efficiency, reduce labor intensity, ultrasonic cleaning machine can also reduce labor intensity, more clean environment clean, efficient cleaning.