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Can ultrasonic cleaning machine wash mechanical watch?

Date: 2022-10-17Number: 252

Over time, mechanical watches can accumulate a number of stains: mainly sweat, Horniness, human body fat on the surface of hair and skin, but also debris and other stains.

When a watch is dirty, it also loses the initial gloss it should have. Perhaps most important, it speeds up the ageing process, especially on metal watchbands. Salt stains can also cause corrosion, rusting and tarnishing, and quartz sand in the dust can cause watch chains to break too early, acting like sandpaper, it also increases friction between the link and other moving parts. Thus, it is essential to clean mechanical watches on time so as to maintain the gloss of mechanical watches and keep them in good condition for as long as possible, and to minimize aging and damage.

If there is no problem, first please use pure drinking water rinse mechanical watch, you can also consider cleaning with a brush. This will remove the stains and avoid deposition. However, using this method, it is difficult to get into all the places and remove all the stains. Therefore, the most useful way to deep clean mechanical table is the application of ultrasonic cleaning machine.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

When a strong ultrasonic wave propagates in a liquid, it also produces acoustic cavitation due to its nonlinear effect. When the cavitation bubble suddenly closes, the shock wave can generate thousands of atmospheric pressures from around it, which directly and continuously impacts the dirt layer, not only destroying the adsorption of the dirt and the surface of the cleaning piece, but also destroying the adsorption of the dirt and the surface of the cleaning piece, at the same time, it will cause the fouling layer to destroy and get rid of the surface of the cleaning piece so that they are dispersed into the cleaning solution.

Ultrasonic cleaning mechanical watch appearance, must follow the following standards:

1. Don't put the header in the bathtub

The header is immediately put into the ultrasound machine is bound to damage: first, vibration will drive the bubble through the seals and washers, second, vibration frequency may affect the frequency of the gossamer. Every ultrasonic cleaner you buy today comes with a unique watch holder that holds the head in the water and the watch chain in the next tank. Forum has a lot of cousins do not care about this medicine, watch movement damage, need to pay high maintenance costs.

2. Self-selected home ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for cleaning watch movement

For cleaning watch movement parts, it is still recommended to send them to maintenance organizations. They also have professional professional ultrasonic cleaning machines. There are many kinds of frequencies and intensities that can be adjusted, there is also a special cleaning fluid, watch movement parts disassembled, sub-accumulation in the cutting basket, through a unique process of cleaning, also need to pass through an industrial anhydrous ethanol, followed by drying oven. This is not something that can be done at home, so professional work still has to be done by professionals.