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Can ultrasonic cleaning really make it cleaner?

Date: 2022-09-23Number: 191

How long must it take for the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean things? How long does it usually take for the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean things properly before they are cleaned, i believe that many people do not have a very clear time for this, do not know how to control, I think this also does not have a specific time, mainly depends on which aspects to determine the cleaning time.

Ultrasonic power is one of the important factors. This, when the ultrasonic power is very strong, the cleaning time does not need much time to clean, if it is to clean glasses, necklaces, bracelets, gold platinum jewelry, jewelry and other household-type small items, cleaning the goal is dust, oil stains and other dirt, it is usually 3-5 minutes on the line. When the ultrasonic power is too weak, it is not a long and short cleaning problem, it is likely to wash out.


In addition, the ultrasonic frequency is also a measure of the cleaning effect of a factor, usually on the market between the 28 khz-128 khz ultrasonic cleaning equipment is usually used to clean the assembly line, the cleaning time also depends on how many cleaning processes there are. If you choose a fully automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine to carry out the whole cleaning process, this is itself a practical method, that is undoubtedly more efficient than manual cleaning, cleaning clean degree will be relatively clean.

The transducer below 40KHz is mainly used in hardware, metal parts, and is widely used in the railway industry, aerospace, ship, automobile and other industries, these industry components are often thick dirt grease, rough appearance, so the need for greater strength of low-frequency transducer, cleaning time is widely about 20-30 minutes.

And some precision optical components are using high-frequency transducer, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine price than low-frequency price is relatively high. Such as laboratories, medical research and other places, the cleaning objects are more precise and meticulous, vibration intensity should not be too large, will generally choose 40 khz or higher frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, it usually takes 5-30 minutes to clean.

Furthermore, the change of cleaning time is also related to cleaning agent. For some chemical dirt, cleaning agent must be added to produce chemical reaction, so as to achieve thorough cleaning. If the cleaning agent is not selected correctly, the ultrasonic cleaning machine can not be washed off even when it is used up. So it is not usually the fault of the ultrasonic cleaner that it can not be washed off. After all, the ultrasonic cleaner only plays the role of physical cleaning.

The final cleaning of the object itself the thickness of the dirt, thick usually than the shallow dirt cleaning time. However, cleaning time is not the more the better, if the cleaning time is too long, we should pay attention to whether the cleaning equipment selected the wrong.