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Characteristics and advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Date: 2022-09-13Number: 165

01 ultrasonic cleaning machine characteristics

1, ultrasonic cleaning is a destructive cleaning, long-term use of ultrasonic cleaning on the surface of the device will have some damage to the coating.

2. The lower the frequency of ultrasonic wave, the easier it is to produce"Cavitation effect", and the stronger the cleaning ability, the stronger the corresponding damage to the cleaning items.

3. The frequency of industrial roughing is 25-28khz. The cleaning effect of changing frequency is good, but it is harmful to the service life of apparatus.

4. The experimental results show that the frequency of 40khz is better in the ultrasonic cleaning of medical instruments, and the cavitation corrosion of medical instruments is also small.

5. The high precision instrument should choose the high frequency cleaning frequency of 80/100khz.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

02 ultrasonic cleaning machine advantages

● high efficiency

To the lumen, joint and other complex structure of the instrument has a strong cleaning ability.

Quick cleaning, short cleaning time, low labor intensity.

● high cleanliness

For all kinds of besmirch have a good removal effect, the besmirch cleaning more thoroughly, on the deep hole, seam and equipment can also be cleaned concealed

The cleaning of the instrument is relatively consistent

● flexibility

It can also be used in combination with a full-automatic cleaning sterilizer

03 suitable for ultrasonic cleaning of items

Surgical instruments, instruments, puncture needles, glassware, rigid endoscopes (excluding optical optic tubes) , etc. 

Due to the characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning, especially suitable for complex shape, with blind hole class of equipment cleaning.

Rubber, plastic, silica gel, optical lens, fiber, gold-plated, optical cable and other soft materials and coating materials are not suitable for ultrasonic cleaning.