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Characteristics of special ultrasonic cleaning machine for laboratory

Date: 2022-08-18Number: 275

Application of ultrasonic cleaning:
Applied in automobile industry, hardware industry, electronics industry, laboratory, printing industry, electroplating industry, optical industry, precision parts industry, glasses industry, jewelry industry, jade industry, watch industry, semiconductor industry, communications equipment industry, precious metals industry, stainless steel industry, power industry and so on.

ultrasonic cleaning machine for laboratory

Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning:
Compared with many other cleaning methods, ultrasonic cleaning machines show great advantages, especially in specialized, group-oriented production enterprises, the ultrasonic cleaning process has gradually replaced the traditional soaking, rinsing, pressure washing, vibration cleaning and steam cleaning, and the high efficiency and high cleanliness of the ultrasonic cleaning machine, because of the penetration and cavitation force produced by the ultrasonic wave when it propagates in the medium, it is easy to clean the parts with complicated shape, inner cavity and small hole For general processes such as oil removal, rust prevention and phosphating, they can be completed in just two or three minutes under Sonication. The speed can be several times, even tens of times, higher than that of traditional cleaning methods, high standards of cleanliness can also be achieved, highlighting the results that can not be achieved or can not be replaced by other treatments in many cases where surface quality and productivity are required. The advantages are summarized as follows:
1,good cleaning effect, high degree of cleanliness and all parts of the same degree of cleanliness;
2 ,cleaning speed, improve production efficiency;
3, no human hand contact cleaning fluid, safe and reliable;
4, to the deep hole, the thin seam and the product concealment place also may clean cleanly;
5, save solvent, heat energy, work site and artificial.
Ultrasonic cleaning machines for laboratory use:
Mainly used in biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, physics, zoology, agronomy, medicine, food, pharmaceutical and other industries of experimental analysis or laboratory equipment cleaning, also widely used in electronics, optics, machinery, automotive, electroplating, hydraulic, jewelry industry, such as crushing, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization, purification, defoaming degassing, accelerating chemical reactions.
Auto industry ultrasonic cleaning machine:
Mainly used for cleaning valve, ignition plug, fuel pump, fuel tank, battery electrodes, piston rings, machine control disc parts of grease, preservatives, plastic residues, abrasives, graphite, etc.
Features of ultrasonic cleaning machine:
1,The inner slot and outer packing of the washing machine are all made of imported high-quality 304 # stainless steel;
2,The vibrating surface steel plate of the washing machine adopts 3.0 mm thickness 304 # stainless steel plate, the surface is plated with 100um hard chromium, the vibrating surface is strengthened, the service life of the washing machine is prolonged, the effective working time is up to 10 years;
3,The Ultrasonic transducer uses high-quality products imported from Korea and has been in effective use for more than 10 years;
4, the new Electronic Circuit Drive, power using thyristor control, accurate and controllable, greatly improved efficiency;
5, temperature and time new digital settings and control, more accurate and reliable;
6. All working conditions are controlled by microcomputer, with memory function, which can remember the working parameters set before, so as to facilitate the cleaning operation;
7. All-in-one design, easy to install and use, no need to make a stand for the control box./n/n8. Each package is made of eco-friendly pearl cotton foam.