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Characteristics of ultrasonic cleaner in laboratory

Date: 2022-08-27Number: 290

With the development of science and technology, related and mutual penetration, ultrasound technology is not only widely used in engineering, machinery, electronics, chemical, biological, medical and other fields, also in the life has played the very big effect. The laboratory ultrasonic cleaner has a wide range of uses, the main features are:

                                                                                                            ultrasonic cleaner in laboratory
1. The cleaning effect is obvious, the cleaning degree is high, the unity
Ultrasonic cleaning is based on the unique physical effect of“Cavitation effect”, which produces microcosmic strong shock wave and high-speed jet when the ultrasonic wave is transmitted in the cleaning liquid, thus, the stain can be quickly crushed and separated to achieve high quality, high efficiency and high cleaning destination.
Tens of thonds of times per second, the negative pressure of the ultrasonic wave expands and the positive pressure strongly compresses the explosion of numerous“Holes” and produces numerous microscopic shock waves at high frequencies, it makes the ultrasonic cleaning ability and speed for the position such as the surface shape, clearance, deep hole, corner, blind area and so on, which are incomparable and substituted by other methods.
2. The cleaning speed is faster and the work efficiency is improved
Ultrasonic cleaning is one of the most efficient cleaning methods with obvious cleaning effect. Ultrasonic equipment is concentrated, its directivity is good, penetration ability is very strong, with water as the medium, when the water molecular pressure achieves the corresponding degree, will soon produce the expansion of closed molecules and burst, direct to the naked eye can not see the stains carry out constant impact. Having a clear cleaning effect on a place that is usually difficult to clean, the ultrasonic cleaning experience will subvert your perception.
3. You Don't have to touch the cleaning fluid. You can trust it
Instead of hand cleaning, the lab ultrasonic cleaner can unlock new skills and be more reliable and secure without having to touch the cleaning fluid.
4. Clean the surface of the workpiece without damage
The laboratory ultrasonic cleaner uses the ultrasonic cleaning technology to carry on the thorough cleaning to the product work piece, 360 ° does not have the dead angle, does not have the damage to the article itself, creates the safe physical cleaning new definition.
5. Save on solvents, heat, office space and labor
The role of laboratory-type ultrasonic cleaning equipment, in addition to the use of basic elements of ultrasonic cleaning, not only can carry out professional cleaning of special equipment, it has been proved to be effective in sample pretreatment, Comminution, emulsification, dispersion, solubilization, extraction, defoaming and degassing, accelerating chemical reaction, nano-preparation and so on.