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Characteristics of ultrasonic vibrating plate

Date: 2022-08-19Number: 275

The application principle of the ultrasonic vibrating plate is that the high-frequency oscillation signal sent by the ultrasonic generator is transmitted to the medium through the conversion of the transducer into the high-frequency mechanical oscillation, the ultrasonic wave in the cleaning solvent radiates forward in the cleaning liquid, which makes the liquid flow and produces tens of thonds of tiny bubbles. The tiny bubbles (cavitation nuclei) in the liquid vibrate under the action of the sound field, when the sound pressure reaches a certain value, the bubble grows rapidly, then suddenly closes, creating a shock wave when the bubble closes, creating thonds of atmospheric pressures around it, destroying the insoluble dirt and dispersing it in the cleaning solution, when the particles are coated by oil and adhere to the surface of the cleaning, the oil is emulsified, the solid particles are separated, thus achieving the goal of cleaning the surface of the cleaning parts.
Ultrasonic vibrating plate features:
1. The Borda PTAP series ultrasonic vibrating plate consists of vibrating plate and ultrasonic generator. When the standard type ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for the specific working environment, in addition to special specifications can be customized ultrasonic cleaning machine. In the existing equipment, if there is a common cleaning tank, it can be added into the vibration plate device, modified into ultrasonic cleaning machine, so that the cost of equipment can be saved to achieve cleaning effect.
2. Shock plate with all stainless steel structure, alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, shock plate surface plated with hard chromium. The Ultrasonic transducer uses high-quality high-performance products with high electro-acoustic conversion efficiency.
3. It adopts split structure, high frequency wire with socket is used to connect between seismic plate and ultrasonic generator, so it is convenient to use and maintain.
4. The installation arrangement is flexible. The ultrasonic radiation surface can be arranged on the bottom, side or top of the cleaning tank according to the need.
5. Ultrasonic vibrating plate can be customized according to customer requirements for cleaning galvanized parts before cleaning, watch parts, hardware machinery parts, polyester filter, semiconductor silicon wafer, tools, lenses, spectacle frames, jewelry, jewelry, glass, utensils and other industries, more widely used. The permit holder shall, no later than one month
The ultrasonic vibrating plate is used in the ultrasonic cleaning system. It is usually immersed in liquid when working. In order to ensure the effect of ultrasonic cleaning, the liquid depth on the ultrasonic vibrating plate is 350 ~ 450 mm of pure water.