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Common problems and solutions of ultrasonic cleaning machine in laboratory

Date: 2022-09-23Number: 199

When purchasing a special cleaning machine for a laboratory, the company will first understand which laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine is better, which is of good quality and high performance-to-price ratio, but in long-term use, no matter how good the quality of cleaning machine will inevitably appear some abnormal phenomenon, so the operator more or less should know some basic, common fault treatment. The following small series to introduce the common problems and treatment measures about the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. No ultrasound

Once the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine occurs without ultrasonic this abnormal phenomenon, the first to check the power supply voltage, if consistent with the rated value will even appear large fluctuations, it needs to be replaced immediately. At the same time to check the power sockets, switches and wiring terminals, wire head, if there is loose and then connected firmly. Then check the insurance and the transistor, if there is an abnormal spark sound or damage, it needs to replace the new insurance and the transistor immediately.

2. Ultrasonic waves are weak or howling

After running the laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine, once it is found that the ultrasonic wave is very weak and even a howling situation occurs, then the first thing to check is the cable, transducer and insulation resistance value. After ensuring that there is no moisture regain and damage, that needs to check the power supply voltage, if too low to take appropriate measures to ensure that the voltage to meet the requirements. Then check the temperature of the cleaning solution to ensure that the temperature in line with the applicable scope of machinery and equipment.

3. Electricity

Once the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory finds out that the power is running, then first pull out the high-frequency plug. It is clear whether there is a common fault in the machine body or in the generator, so first look at the switching power supply circuit, if there is no moisture, damage, and say the power supply voltage stability, often large fluctuations, it will be affected, must be properly handled.

The above-mentioned to you on these aspects, is the whole process of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning often occurs in the part of the common fault and its corresponding treatment measures. We must understand in depth, so that if we encounter this kind of abnormal phenomenon again, we can accurately adopt coping strategies in a short period of time, it is also important to purchase a laboratory ultrasonic cleaner with better after-sales service. If they can not deal with the problem, then the sound after-sales service system manufacturers can no doubt timely help.