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Different frequency Ultrasonic transducer

Date: 2022-10-14Number: 228

Different frequency Ultrasonic transducer

The frequency of the Ultrasonic transducer is inversely proportional to the wavelength, and the wavelength is proportional to the bubble diameter, which is, strictly speaking, the result of a long nucleation period at a low frequency. Generally, the higher the frequency, the smaller the wavelength, the smaller the bubble diameter, the lower the explosion pressure, but the higher the bubble density, the better the water permeability. Here's how it works:

Ultrasonic transducer

1) . If the dirt is too heavy or difficult to be cleaned, and the explosive impact does little damage to the surface of the cleaned object, the low frequency series product transducer should be selected. Common areas are: magnetic industry, auto industry, textile industry. Note that this series of noise is relatively large, suggest noise reduction treatment.

2) . If the dirt is slightly heavy or the difficulty coefficient of cleaning is moderate, and the explosion impact does little harm to the surface of the cleaned object, the intermediate frequency series product transducer should be selected. This series of products are widely used in a wide range of fields, common is: machinery manufacturing industry, electroplating industry, catering industry.

3) . Be cleaned by the dirt is lighter, easy to clean, or the explosion impact on the clean surface damage is standard, should choose the high-frequency series of products transducer. Common areas are: precision parts, glass glasses, electronic component, circuit boards, etc

4) . Be cleaned by the stain is very light, easy to clean, need to be cleaned by the explosion impact on the surface of any damage is strictly prohibited, should choose high-frequency series of products transducer. Common areas include List of semiconductor materials, unique high-precision components, etc. .

The power of the transducer depends on the shape and design frequency of the piezoelectric ceramic chip. Due to the limitation of input driving voltage, the volume of piezoelectric ceramic is adjusted by its diameter to adjust the power at a certain frequency. In order to avoid the influence of the transverse vibration of the transducer, the transverse vibration frequency (corresponding to the diameter) is obviously higher than the use frequency (longitudinal frequency) in the design of the transducer, which impedes the power range of the transducer.

Usually low-frequency use 100W series products or higher power unconventional series products, if the selection of 50W or 100W series products, select 50W series products above high frequency or lower power non-conventional series products. In the case of intermediate frequency, which can be used in 50W or 100W series, if conditions exist, low power should be selected, in view of the low power transducer, the amount required is much, the ultrasonic uniformity is good, the performance of the oscillator is stable, and the life of the oscillator is high, stainless steel surface cavitation corrosion is small.