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Does Ultrasonic transducer determine the efficiency of ultrasonic cleaning

Date: 2022-08-30Number: 205

The key point of ultrasonic is to discuss the appearance, dissemination, reading, information resource management and related utility of ultrasonic wave in each medium Ultrasonic physics and ultrasonic engineering projects are two key elements of ultrasonic science.
Ultrasonic physics is the basis of ultrasonic engineering project, which provides the necessary basic theory and research basis for the application of different kinds of ultrasonic engineering project technology.
The research direction of ultrasonic engineering project mainly includes the engineering technology and process research of ultrasonic wave forming, conveying and reading system in the application of various types of ultrasonic technology.
Ultrasonic oscillator is one of the most important parts of ultrasonic engineering technology, and it is the fastest growing branch of acoustic transducer.
Transducer is the energy conversion components, is a type of energy into another type of energy equipment, it can achieve electrical energy and sound energy conversion between each other.
When ultrasonic wave propagates in the medium, it can form many physical, chemical and biological effects, and the ultrasonic wave penetrates the strength, the information content carries the quantity to be big, is convenient to complete the fast accurate on-line non-destructive testing technology and the non-destructive testing. At present, various ultrasonic vibrators are widely used in industry, agriculture and animal husbandry, National Defense Science and Technology, biotechnology and scientific research.


Ultrasonic transducer

When the transducer is in the emitting state, the electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy, which is then converted into sound energy.
An electrical oscillation signal sent from the output stage of the excitation power supply will cause a change in the electric or magnetic field in the electrical energy storage element in the transducer, this change in the electric or magnetic field, depending on a certain kind of utility, forms a driving force on the mechanical vibration system of the transducer, which causes it to vibrate, thereby promoting the vibration of the medium in contact with the mechanical vibration system of the transducer, radiates sound waves into the medium.
When the transducer is in a read state, the sound energy is converted into mechanical energy, which is then converted into electrical energy.
In the case of reading the sound wave, the external sound wave acts on the vibrating surface of the transducer, which makes the mechanical vibration system of the transducer vibrate. The electric or magnetic field in the energy storage element of the transducer changes accordingly, thus causing the electrical output terminal of the transducer to form a current and voltage corresponding to the acoustic signal.
The Ultrasonic welding is to use the electrical box to convert electricity into high-frequency and high-voltage signals, which are then converted into high-frequency mechanical vibrations by the transducer system, when the heat reaches the melting point of the product, the end of the product will melt rapidly. At the same time, the product will be cooled and shaped under a certain pressure to achieve the ultimate fusion.
Ultrasonic welding products are widely used in plastic products, non-woven fabrics, packaging, printer consumables, medical equipment, electronic devices, electrical equipment, automotive industry, stationery toys, daily necessities and other industries.