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Does a garage need an ultrasonic cleaner?

Date: 2022-10-13Number: 163

The automobile industry is a leading industry of great importance to the development of social economy. There are more and more brand cars and vehicle types, the contaminants adhered to the surface of high precision parts of vehicles are various industrial lubricants, coolants, grinding and polishing compounds used in the production of scrap metal materials, dust, oil stains and manufacturing processes, because the process is more natural, but also includes the production of workshop stains, imprints, finger plant oils and so on. The emergence of these pollutants, serious impact on automobile production and manufacturing out of the link, precision greatly reduced.

The key of automobile ultrasonic cleaning machine is to remove all kinds of pollution in the process, and to ensure the product quality in the later process, such as installation, etc. , to avoid the negative impact of waste on the actual operation of the installation, but also to ensure the appearance of the car quality, the role of ultrasonic cleaning machine to promote the continued development of the automotive industry.

automobile ultrasonic cleaning machine

Application models

Faw-audi series, GAC, Faw-honda series, Santana series, Buick General Series, bmw-benz series, Chang'an, Jianghuai Changhe, Wuling series, Seahorse series and so on


Carburetor, engine block, steel ring, tire, Maebashi, rear axle, swing arm, ball head, spiral spring, valve body, transmission shaft, hub, crankshaft, bearing bush, transmission gear, spark plug, nozzle, pressure plate, clutch plate, vacuum booster, piston, headlamp, door mirror, sensor, shock absorber, water pump, water pipe, radiator, air conditioner, motor, compressor, etc. .

Performance characteristics

The cleaning of the traditional automobile industry is usually done by using high-pressure water, plus various chemicals and detergents, which wastes too much water resources, at the same time cleaning down the stain impurities and sewage containing chemical substances, destroyed the environment, the use of automotive ultrasonic cleaning machine can be sufficient to eradicate all kinds of stubborn oil stains, the main ultrasonic wave can enter tiny crevices and holes, get rid of oil stains and residues, to achieve high efficiency, clean, environmental protection requirements. Complete environmental protection and high efficiency cleaning, effectively alleviate the engine performance, complete cleaning equipment including engine cylinder head, engine cylinder block, and crankshaft in the industrial oil channel oil hole, high quality and high density, high impact strength, faster cleaning speed, all-round cleaning no dead angle, safe and energy-saving, easy maintenance.

In the production, processing, manufacturing and maintenance of automobiles, all kinds of automobile parts need to be cleaned. Manual operation is not only inefficient, but also the cleaning quality is not very good, the automobile ultrasonic cleaning machine not only cleans the speed to be faster, but also can complete the cleaning from several tens of seconds to several minutes mutually, and the cleaning quality is high, is not easy to damage the spare parts, has solved the automobile spare parts cleaning thorny question, will eventually play a very important role in the automotive industry.