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Does automobile fuel injector ultrasonic cleaner clean useful?

Date: 2022-10-20Number: 217

What do you use to clean fuel injectors? The fuel injector is one of the core components of the engine, its smooth operation level for the performance of the engine interference is very large. If the plug will affect the safety of the car, plug is mainly because the carbon deposit in the engine attached to the nozzle, or fuel impurities in the nozzle blocked the access. So to clean the nozzle regularly, a long time not to clean or often cleaning will lead to less good interference.

Of course, only in the nozzle caused by the blocking of fuel injection is not smooth, or the nozzle of carbon deposit in the pores, glue, can not achieve the amount of fuel injection or atomization effect, only need to be cleaned. The really really easy place to interfere with atomization should be the nozzle nozzle nozzle surface, the combustion of the car is not good, easy to cause recoil, pollution to this location.

How often to clean the fuel injector should be decided according to the vehicle condition and fuel quality. It is suggested that the fuel injector should be cleaned once in the course of vehicle running within 20 ~ 30 thousand km. Ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning is a more common way to clean the nozzle cleaning.

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One is manual cleaning, manual unloading of fuel rails, fuel nozzle, with carburetor cleaning agent cleaning fuel nozzle on the import and export of carbon deposit. First, to increase the fuel injector to 12 V voltage, at the entrance of the fuel injector to connect the carburetor cleaning agent thin tube, too thin, it must be coiled with black tape to thicken, with both hands to hold, promote the carburetor cleaning agent and the nozzle inlet interface will not leak oil. The other person turns on a 12V power supply and then lets the detergent shoot out intermittently until the spray from the injector gradually becomes more and more subtle and symmetrical. Pay attention to the installation of fuel injector rubber sealing ring, to avoid rubber sealing ring aging damage. The spray from an unwashed injector looks like rain. The spray from a washed injector should look like mist. After the installation of fuel injector or should be carefully observed within the fuel injector seal ring, look to see whether oil leakage, to ensure that gasoline does not leak.

The other is the form of ultrasonic cleaning, is able to single or multiple nozzle ultrasonic cleaning, remember to add detergent. Use physical cleaning and chemical cleaning methods to fully clean, because there is a filter in the nozzle, rely on detergent spray will not completely clean, so in the ultrasonic cleaning machine and cleaning agent under the joint action, can be the nozzle of the glue and carbon broken, thorough cleaning. Put the nozzle into the water, add detergent, turn on the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning will be found from the cracks in the emission of fog-like dirty things. This shows that the effect of the ultrasonic cleaning is also quite good, after washing and new like.