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Does it need to be heated for ultrasonic cleaning?

Date: 2022-09-15Number: 267

As the cradle of scientific research, laboratories need to carry out various kinds of experiments every day, all kinds of instruments, accessories, containers, tools such as test tubes, beakers, slides, electronic scales, prisms, tweezers, clamps and so on need to be completely cleaned before they can be used in the next experiment. And for some complex cleaning objects, hand-cleaning is not easy to clean. Contaminated instrument accessories, containers, tools will affect the accuracy of experimental data.

ultrasonic cleaning

Therefore, more and more laboratories are aware of the convenience and practicability of ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine as a necessary laboratory equipment.

So, what kind of equipment is the ultrasonic cleaning machine, and what is its working principle? In addition to laboratory cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning machine can also be used in what areas?

Now let's get to know each other.

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Oscillations above 20 khz (20,000 oscillations per second) are called ultrasonic waves. When these oscillations act on a liquid, one million tiny vacuum bubbles are created in the liquid during the stretching stage. These vacuum bubbles implode during the pressure stage, resulting in a locally high-energy pressure shock, this process is called cavitation. Compared with the higher frequency about 40khz, the lower frequency about 28khz produces larger diameter bubbles with stronger pressure impact, so different ultrasonic frequency should be selected for different cleaning tasks.

How does a b-ultrasound work?

Cavitation results in contamination being shaken out of the surface, pits and holes of the cleaning object, and a targeted cleaning fluid can be used to achieve the cleaning goal quickly and effectively. Ultrasonic cleaning is more efficient in a few minutes than any manual cleaning. At the same time, it is mild, because it avoids mechanical damage, but also to avoid chemical corrosion.

what size of the selection of ultrasonic cleaning machine?

The size of the cleaning object determines the size of the cleaning basket, which determines the type of equipment required. In order to enable ultrasound from all aspects, it is recommended to choose slightly larger equipment, which also provides room for future expansion.

The difficulty of cleaning depends on the geometry of the object to be cleaned and the type of contamination. For complex cleaning tasks, it is recommended to add a pre-treatment process, such as steam or spray cleaning.

does it need to be heated for ultrasonic cleaning?

The heated cleaning solution helps to shorten the cleaning time and remove contaminants more quickly. Therefore, for all types of cleaning object cleaning, usually with the use of heating equipment cleaning equipment.

why does the water get hot when the ultrasound works?

The ultrasonic cleaning equipment with heating has a temperature setting function, when the set temperature is reached, the heater is closed, but because of the ultrasonic cavitation will warm the affected liquid, at the same time ultrasonic mechanical energy will also have a part of the heat into energy, which will lead to the cleaning fluid temperature.

Will the F ultrasound damage the parts?

There are thousands of cavitating bubbles imploding every second, which is very powerful. However, ultrasonic cleaning is a very safe process because the energy is at a“Microscopic” level, the diameter of the cavitation bubble is only 1-3 nanometers!

what liquids are allowed?

Please choose the cleaning fluid carefully according to the material of the cleaning object and the type of pollutants. Improper cleaning fluid can damage parts. Do not use flammable or explosive liquids directly in the vibrating tank!

Does H need to protect his hearing?

If working continuously around the equipment, it is recommended to use hearing protectors or buy sound insulation.

How many parts can I clean at a time?

The parts of the cleaning object should not overlap. There must be enough free space between the cleaning objects and the bulk materials must be distributed loosely. On this basis, you can place as many cleaning parts.

J ultrasonic cleaning machine can also be used in what areas?

In addition to laboratory cleaning, the desk-top ultrasonic cleaning machine can be used in the following scenarios:

1. According to the laboratory analysis object of biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, zoology, agriculture, food, pharmacy and so on, it is processed by crushing, emulsifying, dispersing, solubilizing, extracting, defoaming and degassing, accelerating chemical reaction, nano-preparation and so on.

2. Dental clinics clean dental instruments, impression spoons, drills and dentures (crowns, bridges, etc.) .

3. jewelry processing in the process of cleaning and use after cleaning and maintenance.

4. watch parts in the production process of cleaning and maintenance of cleaning.

5. Cleaning of surgical instruments, endoscopes and other parts in hospital.

6. Clean the finished glasses or all kinds of optical devices.