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Does it really work to clean your glasses with an ultrasonic cleaner?

Date: 2022-10-17Number: 326

With the overall popularity of electronic equipment, today's society more and more convenient, many unexpected common electronic equipment, but also slowly into the household.

Before people are not very attention, glasses usually wear a long time do not have to clean, must be in the lens blurred after will use water and glasses cloth wipe. However, with the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to glasses, in which ultrasonic washing glasses may follow the trend into the household.

First of all, the first thing we need to popularize, is that our glasses, because we wear them every day, will be contaminated: sweat stains, oil stains, fingerprints, dust, even tens of millions of bacteria and viruses, cleaning is definitely a good habit to cultivate on time.

How do you clean it? At present, ultrasonic cleaning is more recommended on the market, on Taobao and other places. It is said to be clean and convenient, and can be done with a single machine. Therefore, at present, many families who wear glasses for a long time, have the experience of purchasing ultrasonic cleaning machine.


This is also for the different materials to establish the glasses. Many netizens reported that the ultrasonic cleaning machine washed the glasses, although it did clean a lot, but led to the damage of the lens coating and the color damage of the frame surface, even more because of the ultrasonic cleaning caused screw loose condition.

In fact, the principle of ultrasonic wave by high-frequency vibration of the ultrasonic sound energy into mechanical kinetic energy, in the surface of the object produced countless bubbles, and again and again to achieve the goal of cleaning.

In this process, including vibration, but also the phenomenon of ultrasonic cavitation, it produces at the solid-liquid interface bubble collapse produced sharp temperature changes and high pressure impact on solid and bring some damage to the glasses. This damage is due to the glasses frame and frame material is not the same, the extent of the damage is not the same.

Glasses with glass lenses, because of the difficulty of coating, such as cleaning with ultrasound, relatively easy to damage the coating (now less glass lenses, before more) ; frames are made of natural materials, such as hawksbill turtle, cuticle, wood materials, with ultrasonic cleaning, not only easy to lead to its fading luster, as damage the material itself toughness.