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Does the medical ultrasonic cleaning machine need to increase the heating function?

Date: 2022-09-02Number: 246

Most of the industrial, laboratory or medical ultrasonic cleaning machine on the market is a heating function module, generally a small household ultrasonic cleaning machine because of cost costs, there is no other commonly used function. Friends who know about ultrasonic cleaning machine must know that the temperature of water will gradually increase when the ultrasonic cleaning machine works, so why add heating function module?

Because the smaller the size of the small washing machine, under the same heat the water temperature is more likely to rise.

                                                                                               medical ultrasonic cleaning machine

The reason for the increase in temperature is that, firstly, the transducer and the internal circuit board will heat up when they are working; secondly, because the heat is very easy to move up, a large part of the heat will be transferred to the water tank; and secondly, cavitation produces a large number of tiny bubbles that expand and burst, releasing a large amount of energy and at the same time generating a certain temperature.

Even if there is no heating function module will heat up,

then why the heating module?

The natural heating of ultrasound is particularly slow. The bigger the ultrasonic cleaning machine is, the slower the heating speed is.

The heating function module of the ultrasonic cleaner is mainly for improving the cleaning effect. The cleaning effect is obviously enhanced by the heating method. The common phenomenon is degreasing to oil. Do housework friends should know, hot water and cold water degreasing effect is very different.

General application of ultrasonic cleaning, working temperature of 50 ~ 60. Because the temperature is 50 -60, the vast majority of active enzyme activity is strong, is the role of stain decomposition category. Therefore, if you need to oil, be sure to select with temperature adjustment function of the ultrasonic cleaning machine.