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Does the ultrasonic cleaning machine cause damage to items?

Date: 2022-10-25Number: 176

The working principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is that the high-frequency oscillation signal sent out by the ultrasonic generator is then converted into high-frequency mechanical oscillation by the transducer and spread to the medium, the ultrasonic wave radiates in the cleaning liquid, causing the liquid to flow and produce countless tiny bubbles. The tiny bubbles acting on the liquid vibrate under the influence of the sound field when the sound pressure reaches a specified set value, the bubble grows rapidly and closes suddenly, creating a shock wave around it, thousands of atmospheric pressures, hundreds of Baidu heat waves, by using the closed blast wave to damage the insoluble waste and disperse it in the cleaning fluid, the oil is emulsified and the solid particles get rid of when the particles are covered by the oil and adhere to the surface of the cleaning piece, because of the inherent penetrability of the ultrasonic wave, it can clean all kinds of complicated surface and special style objects, and has a certain cleaning effect on small holes and gaps, there is no blind area when cleaning, the sound absorption coefficient of non-sound or small objects to clean the best.


Ultrasonic cavitation: through the solid material and make the whole liquid medium vibration to create cavitation bubbles, from the inside damaged the structure of the bacteria, so this cleaning method will not have a blind area can not be cleaned, and the industry confirmed that the ultrasonic cleaning clean degree is high, sterilization without omission, sterilization process will not cause chemical pollution. The cleaning process is classified as a physical cleaning and therefore often does not cause any damage to the cleaning material. Because ultrasound can damage the cell walls of plants, fruits and vegetables washed with an ultrasonic washer can remove pesticide residues and kill bacteria, but do not recommend the use of ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean some of the more vulnerable skin of the object.