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Does the ultrasonic cleaning machine and equipment have radiation?

Date: 2022-09-28Number: 251

Does the ultrasonic cleaning machine and equipment have the radiation, to the worker's body can cause any harm?

This should be nothing to worry about.

The transmission of ultrasound is also the need for media, such media are generally water, so in general it is necessary to add water in the cleaning tank of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is the use of high-frequency ultrasonic vibration of water molecules to work, energy is also absorbed by the water, and therefore can not do any harm to human health.

The reason why the machine is able to produce sound, the sound is not ultrasound, because ultrasonic people are not heard.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

01 ultrasonic cleaning machine working principle

When Sonication in a liquid, it also creates numerous bubbles that burst, creating a powerful shock wave, the equivalent of hundreds of Baidu temperatures and thousands of atmospheres at once is called “Cavitation.”. Ultrasonic cleaning is through the bubble explosion in the liquid formed by the shock wave to achieve the washing and cleaning of the workpiece gap or the effect of surface stains.

The ultrasonic wave propagates in the liquid, causes the liquid and the cleaning trough to oscillate together under the ultrasonic frequency, when the liquid and the cleaning trough vibrate, both have their own natural frequency, therefore when people use the ultrasonic machine, you can hear the“Sizzling” sound produced by these oscillations. At first you may not be able to adapt and feel very secure, but this is a psychological factor, there is no need to worry about the fact that there is no harm done.

02 in general, can use the washing machine without scruples

If we have to say that the ultrasonic cleaning machine is harmful to human health, of course, it is the poor contact with the human body.

Touching the water in the running ultrasound sink without gloves while the washer is working can be an intriguing change that can cause discomfort. Operators should avoid placing their hands directly in the running sink.

If you must touch, wear gloves for safety. If you are still worried, it is recommended that you do not have to stay near the ultrasonic cleaning machine for a long time while it is working. You must also touch less cleaning agents, although solvent cleaning (volatile lotions such as chloroform, washboard water, etc.) is now largely phased out, basic or alkaline water-based cleansers, due to the high temperature at which they are washed, are released and are in contact with the operation, has been very bad for the human body.

In general, the ultrasonic cleaning machine is no radiation to human health, the harm to the body is relatively small, so we can rest assured that the bold application of ultrasonic cleaning machine.