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Four common problems of ultrasonic cleaning transducer

Date: 2022-09-01Number: 269

Ultrasonic cleaning machine: transducer four common problems
The Ultrasonic transducer is an important part of the ultrasonic cleaning machine. When there is a problem with the ultrasonic cleaning machine, it is very likely that there is a problem with the Ultrasonic transducer, because the ultrasonic cleaning machine consists of an ultrasonic generator and a Ultrasonic transducer, the Ultrasonic transducer is a sandwich transducer made of piezoelectric ceramic material, piezoelectric ceramic materials will produce mechanical vibration under the action of alternating electric field.

                                                                                                                   ultrasonic cleaning transducer
Common problems with transducer of ultrasonic cleaning machine include:
1. Moisture in the Ultrasonic transducer: generally check the plug connected to the transducer with Megohm meter. Check the insulation resistance between the positive and negative electrodes of the transducer to determine the value. General requirements for insulation resistance more than 30 Megohm. If this value of insulation resistance is not reached, it is likely that the transducer is damp. The method of maintenance is to put the transducer whole (not including the plastic-sprayed shell) into the oven set at about 100 ° C, drying for three hours or using a hair dryer to damp until the resistance value is normal. The transducer vibrator ignites, and the ceramic material breaks. Maintenance can be combined with the naked eye and Megohm meter inspection. As a general emergency measures, can be broken off the individual damaged transducer, will not affect the normal use of other transducers.
2. Transducer degumming: we know that most manufacturers use adhesive way to fix the transducer, but the long-term use of ultrasonic cleaning machine due to vibration will appear degumming phenomenon. There are also manufacturers using cementation plus screw fastening way, under normal circumstances will not appear degumming, due to the role of screws, vibrator degumming will not fall from the vibration surface, the general method of judgment is to gently shake the end of the vibrator by hand, make a judgment by carefully observing the glue on the vibrating surface.
3. In general, the output power of the ultrasonic power supply is normal after the vibrator appears degumming, but because the vibrator is not well connected with the vibrating surface, the vibrating effect of the vibrating surface is not good, and because the energy can not be released after a long time, it will probably burn out the vibrator. Vibrator degumming for the user is more troublesome maintenance, the general situation can only be sent back to the manufacturer for maintenance treatment. The effective way to avoid vibration degumming is to pay attention not to hit the vibration surface in ordinary use.
4. Vibration surface perforation: it is likely to occur after several years of full-load operation of a typical Ultrasonic transducer due to long-term high-frequency vibration fatigue of the stainless steel plate on the vibration surface, the perforated vibration surface indicates that the service life of the transducer has been reached, and the ultrasonic cleaning machine can only be replaced in the maintenance.