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High frequency medical ultrasonic cleaning apparatus

Date: 2022-08-22Number: 190

The cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment is the main process to prevent iatrogenic infection. The key of routine cleaning and disinfection of medical equipment depends on the cooperation of multi-enzyme cleaning agents and manual cleaning. Relevant research emphasizes that due to the meticulous structure and cumbersome construction of medical devices, if the contaminated materials above dry stool after application, although pure application of multi-enzyme cleaning agents can remove most of the residual surface of the equipment, but for the gap of the residual stains can not be completely eliminated, endanger the quality of cleaning. In addition, the speed of manual cleaning is slow, greatly affect the efficiency of cleaning, at the same time will lead to occupational exposure of personnel, resulting in serious harm to life and safety.
For medical equipment cleaning many difficult points, especially introduced 80KHz high-frequency medical ultrasonic cleaning equipment, it is suitable for cleaning all kinds of operating room instruments in medical units, such as operating room instruments, endoscope diagnosis room, chemical laboratory, oral dentistry, hospital supply room, hard/soft type endoscope and its accessories biopsy forceps, somatic cell brush, biochemical instrument sample plate, chemical reaction cup, oral diagnosis and treatment equipment, etc. . It can be used for ultrasonic cleaning, dispersing, extracting, stirring, defoaming, emulsifying and sample pre-and post-processing.                                                                                    
                                                                                                                  medical ultrasonic cleaning apparatus
Liquid Crystal Display + touch switch, knob adjustment
20 ° skew design concept, wide vision, various main parameters clearly indicated, simple and clear; AUTO support one-button automatic switch, practical operation simple and practical.
Stainless Steel + liner 304 stainless steel
High impact strength, heat resistance, high flexibility; anti-fingerprint processing, acid and alkali resistance; one-cycle stamping forming, waterproof function.
Three-dimensional cooling, noise reduction design concept
The internal structure of the rapid calorific value, fully reflect the"Inner wild appearance of calm", poly sound noise reduction, cleaning more quiet, more comfortable application.
Ultrasonic oscillator
Low calorific value, stable output of performance indicators, ultrasonic work 1-99 hours/normal opening adjustment, suitable for ultra-long-term use.
Automatic temperature control system for heating
PT100 high-precision temperature controller, accurate ambient temperature, automatic detection of the body ambient temperature; real-time water temperature shows that the ambient temperature-80 degrees adjustable.
Self-developed chips
Select full intelligent control system, high power conversion, cleaning the actual effect is more obvious; voltage double-insurance design concept, short-circuit protection, performance indicators more stable and excellent.
Application of degassing sweep frequency technology
Degassing vacuum cleaning to avoid the oxidation of cleaning materials, sweep frequency let sound wave in its scope of action back and forth sweep, drive cleaning solution to produce a small reflux, accelerate the rate of dirt off the surface of equipment.