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How about an ultrasonic cleaner for auto parts?

Date: 2022-10-28Number: 169

With the development of science and technology innovation, the car has long been a commonly used means of transport, but the use of the car after a long time after a variety of problems; The ultrasonic cleaning machine is a new technology, new technology and new equipment which appears in the automobile spare parts manufacturers and automobile maintenance and repair, because auto parts need to be cleaned after manufacture and maintenance, the purpose of cleaning is to inspect and classify the parts, the second is to ensure the quality of maintenance and assembly, and the third is to improve the cleanliness level and maintenance efficiency.

ultrasonic cleaner

The ultrasonic cleaning machine can not only improve the repair speed and quality of the automobile, but also enhance the stability of the automobile, increase the service life of the automobile, and also reduce the repair cost, so that enterprises get relatively high economic returns, therefore, in the auto parts manufacturers and maintenance of ultrasonic cleaning theory should be vigorously promoted.

The application of ultrasonic cleaning technology in automobile parts cleaning has the following characteristics compared with traditional cleaning methods:

1. Cleaning more thoroughly: ultrasonic cleaning principle shows that this method is particularly suitable for cleaning engine cylinder block, cylinder head and other complex shape components. Ultrasonic cleaning is a wonderful physical cleaning method, like countless small brushes cleaning the inside and outside surfaces of objects at the same time, therefore, the cleaning of the inner surface, the inner hole and the blind hole which can not be performed by the traditional method can be finished in one time.

2. Use Safety, save energy, small parts of the cleaning at this stage as far as possible use of gasoline or diesel brush, so the use of low safety performance, easy to lead to major accidents, and ultrasonic cleaning technology using water-based cleaning agent, absolutely no security risks.

3, ability to work, just the parts disassembled into the washing machine cleaning basket and press the switch on it, in the cleaning process, employees can do other work.

4. The cost of cleaning is low. Because of the high usage rate of detergent and the low purchase of consumables, the cleaning cost is about 1/5 of the traditional cleaning method.