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How do I check for Ultrasonic transducer failure?

Date: 2022-09-27Number: 254

Ultrasonic vibrators are commonly used in Ultrasonic welding machines, so they are also called ultrasonic vibration transducers.

ultrasonic vibration transducers

01 ultrasonic oscillator appearance detection

The ultrasonic oscillator indirectly shows that enterprises attach importance to system quality, process technology and good appearance of product quality naturally will be better.

02 ultrasonic oscillator parameter test

Check whether the parameters of the ultrasonic oscillator can match the parameters of the electric box, and whether the ideal effect can be achieved.

03 ultrasonic vibrator on machine experiment

(1) power input experiment: it can detect the matching condition of the transducer and the electric box, and also can reflect the size of the electric box and the load power input of the transducer.

(2) fluctuation experiment: Install additional load to test the fluctuation of power input of electric box and transducer.

04 high load operation test

Test product quality fluctuation and service life. This test only requires an additional load to run continuously for 8 hours.

05 ultrasonic oscillator found abnormal factors

(1) what are the problems of piezoelectric ceramics, such as internal layering

(2) the chip crack occurs during the Assembly of the transducer

(3) abnormal design or assembly of ultrasonic horn and die

(4) the collision of the components around the stress bar caused by the difference of the concentricity of the transducer

If you can not check whether there is abnormal ultrasonic vibrator, ultrasonic vibrator can be sent to the professional ultrasonic manufacturers, using impedance test analysis.