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How does the ultrasonic cleaning machine work?

Date: 2022-09-30Number: 162

Only those who wear glasses realize how inconvenient it is to wipe away the dust, oil and hair on the glasses. There's a good chance that the glasses wearer may have wanted to clean the lenses with a shirt cuff, but it may have damaged your lenses. Improper cleaning can damage the quality of eyeglasses and reduce their useful life. Therefore, the glasses wearer must cultivate a good habit of proper cleaning, if you are tired of spending time to repeat every day and not easy to clean the whole process, you can choose to use ultrasonic cleaner, make your eyeglasses shiny and clean.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. What is the understanding of ultrasonic cleaning machines?

Use ultrasonic waves (range 20 to 400 khz) and moderate cleaning organic solvents/common tap water to clean fine items such as jewelry and eyeglasses. Ultrasonic cleaning machine suitable for cleaning metal, plastic products, glass, stains, vegetable oils and so on. Cleaning often takes three to six minutes, the actual key lies in the goal.

2. How does an ultrasonic cleaner work?

Ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation bubbles caused by high-frequency sound waves to agitate the liquid state, thus causing a strong interaction force on the stain. The aim is to completely remove all the contamination imprints that are closely adhered to or placed on a solid surface.

3. Why do you need an ultrasonic cleaner?

Ultrasonic cleaner saves cleaning time, you do not need to spend time cleaning items manually. It eliminates the hidden dirt and oil stains that lurk in small, round holes, and it effectively cleans every square inch of your eyeglasses. Its main uses are many, in addition to cleaning glasses, brands also provide ultrasonic cleaning machine, can clean jewelry, removable dentures or watch belt.