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How does the ultrasonic finish the cleaning work?

Date: 2022-09-01Number: 195

Ultrasonic cleaning is the direct and indirect effect of ultrasonic cavitation, acceleration and direct flow on liquid and sewage, the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified and peeled to achieve the goal of cleaning.


ultrasonic cleaning machine

At present, cavitation and direct current are more widely used in ultrasonic cleaning machine.
(1) cavitation: the cavitation is that ultrasonic wave transmits to the liquid by high-frequency transformation mode with the interaction of compression force and decompression force more than 20,000 times per second. When the pressure is reduced, the vacuum nuclear group bubble appears in the liquid, and when the pressure is applied, the vacuum nuclear group bubble produces a strong impact force when it is pressed and crushed, thus stripping the dirt on the surface of the cleaned object, thus achieving the goal of precision cleaning.
In the ultrasonic cleaning process, the naked eye can see the bubble is not the vacuum nuclear bubble, but the air bubble, it produces inhibition of cavitation to reduce cleaning efficiency. Only when the air bubbles in the liquid are completely removed, the cavitation of the vacuum nuclear group bubble can achieve the best effect.
(2) direct inflow: the phenomenon of ultrasonic wave flowing in the direction of sound propagation in a liquid is called direct inflow. When the acoustic intensity is 0.5 W/CM2, the direct inflow can be seen by the naked eye, and the flow velocity is about 10 cm/s perpendicular to the vibrating surface. Through this direct flow, the micro-oil dirt on the surface of the cleaned object is stirred, and the cleaning fluid on the surface of the dirt also produces convection. The solution of the dissolved dirt is mixed with the new solution, so that the dissolving speed is accelerated, it plays an important role in the removal of dirt.
(3) acceleration: the acceleration produced by liquid particles. For the high frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, cavitation is not significant, then the cleaning mainly by liquid particles under the action of ultrasonic acceleration of particles to clean dirt ultra-precision.