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How long does the ultrasonic cleaning machine usually clean?

Date: 2022-09-17Number: 372

How long must it take for an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean things? How long does it usually take for an ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean things properly before they can be cleaned, i believe that many people do not have a clear time for this, do not know how to grasp, I think this also does not have a specific time frame, mainly to see which aspects affect the cleaning time.

Ultrasonic output power is one of the most important factors. For example, when the ultrasonic output power is very strong, the cleaning time does not need long to clean, if the eyeglasses cleaning, necklaces, bracelets, gold, silver, diamond jewelry, jewelry, and a series of small things used at home, cleaning objects are dust, oil stains, and other stains, that usually only takes 3-5 minutes. That if the cleaning items are very large, and the stain is relatively thick, then not only. Industrial cleaning usually takes 15-30 minutes. If the ultrasonic output power is not strong, it is very likely that the cleaning is not clean.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

In addition, the frequency of the ultrasonic wave is also a key factor in measuring the cleaning effect. Currently, the frequency of the ultrasonic wave on the market is between 28 khz and 128 khz. This kind of ultrasonic cleaning equipment is usually used on the cleaning assembly line. In this case, cleaning time depends on the need to clean several processes.

The 40KHz transducer is mainly used in cleaning hardware, metal parts, usually widely used in the railway industry, aerospace, ships, automobiles and other industries, this kind of industry components usually stain oil dirt is relatively thick, rough surface, so the need for greater compressive strength of low-frequency transducer, cleaning time is generally more than 20-30 minutes.

Many high-precision optical components are used high-frequency transducer, high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine price than the low-frequency price is relatively high. Such as laboratories, medical clinical research and other places, the cleaning items are also relatively high precision and meticulous, vibration compressive strength should not be too large, the general choice of 40 khz or higher frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machine, usually between 5-30 minutes of varying cleaning time.

Secondly, the cleaning time is also related to the cleaning agent, for some chemical stains, must add cleaning agent to produce chemical reaction, so as to achieve complete cleaning, if the cleaning agent is not right, ultrasonic cleaning machine operation to the end of the wash is not clean. So cleaning is not usually the fault of ultrasonic cleaning machine, after all, the role of ultrasonic cleaning machine only physical cleaning effect.

Finally, cleaning the level of the stain itself thick, thick usually than the stain shallow cleaning time. However, cleaning time is not the more the better, if the cleaning time is too long, we should pay attention to consider whether cleaning equipment selection is wrong.