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How long will the Ultrasonic transducer last?

Date: 2022-09-29Number: 199

As a widely used electronic equipment accessory, Ultrasonic transducer has made great efforts in cleaning, beauty, welding and so on, but as a component, its life determines the power and service life of ultrasonic equipment. Therefore, the transducer maintenance is essential.

Ultrasonic transducer

How long will the Ultrasonic transducer last?

1, regular cleaning: because the series of equipment sieving material is mainly high-precision powder material, in this process, some of the material will be adsorbed on the surface of the transducer or contact with the screen. If there is too much adsorption, it will cause the transducer. Overheating affects service life and power accuracy. Therefore, the transducer needs to be cleaned after a period of use.

2. Regular Maintenance: the transducer is connected to the connecting wire of the ultrasonic power supply by a pin joint. It needs to be removed and reinstalled for use conditions or movement reasons. During this period, pin connectors will suffer some loss, so we need to carry out regular overhaul. If damage is found, replace it immediately.

3, downtime maintenance: do not use ultrasonic equipment, should remove the external displacement, with soft non-lint soft cloth will surface and internal clean. Seal the connection between the transducer and the screen machine to prevent dust from entering and affect the effect of the next use.