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How much is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Date: 2022-09-20Number: 262

With the rapid development of today's society, sometimes equipment has replaced the human operation, to a large extent, to enhance the production of labor efficiency. Ultrasonic cleaning machine is actually a kind of replacement of human cleaning objects of one of the equipment, such equipment simple operation, high efficiency. What kind of water does the ultrasonic cleaner use? How many liters?

In fact, for most corporate products, it's OK to use water, tap water, even if you want to use your own bottled mineral water, the core of the problem is not water, but we should add into the detergent, this can not add, the need to add oil to remove oil, rust have rust remover. In addition to some friends is to buy ultrasonic cleaning circuit board cleaning machine, some friends do not know what circuit board cleaning water cleaning, it is impossible to use water immediately.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

What kind of water does the ultrasonic cleaner use?

Here is a list of the cleansers used to clean objects:

1. Clean circuit boards with alcohol or washing water;

2, glasses cleaning with water or special glasses cleaning fluid;

3, Rust with rust-free powder;

4, remove oil dirt with oil powder;

5. Dewaxing agent;

6, cleaning some copper objects, except copper rust copper green powder can add vinegar (weak acid cleaning agent) 

7. Wax remover can be used for cleaning some planing metals

8, silver jewelry blackened objects with silver washing water;

9, porcelain objects can add vinegar cleaning;

10. Grease on rubber products: you can use detergent detergent or metal rust remover, usually solvent-based corrosion, water-based corrosion is small, usually to oil immediately recommend the use of degreaser can.

How much is suitable for ultrasonic cleaning machine?

Before using the ultrasonic cleaning machine need to understand a misunderstanding, not flooded the water storage of the machine is right. Ultrasonic cleaning machine will have a water level, generally can use ultrasonic cleaning trough one-third of the water level is correct.