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How much is the table top ultrasonic cleaner?

Date: 2022-10-12Number: 165

Table top ultrasonic cleaning machine, also known as ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine, etc. , mainly by the ultrasonic generator, Ultrasonic transducer and tank composition. According to the different requirements of cleaning items, multi-functional and multi-specification cleaning machines have been developed and expanded. According to the different standards of application, they can be divided into the following common types:

According to capacity specifications: divided into micro-ultrasonic cleaning machine, small ultrasonic cleaning machine, large ultrasonic cleaning machine;

According to ultrasonic frequency category: low frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine (20KHz) , medium frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine (28KHz) , high frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine (60KHz) , dual-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine and multi-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine;

According to the power and power density specifications categories: high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine, general ultrasonic cleaning machine, high-power ultrasonic cleaning machine;

According to the number of slots can be divided into: single-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine, double-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine and multi-slot ultrasonic cleaning machine;

According to the structure type can be divided into: automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, semi-automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine, split ultrasonic cleaning machine and integrated ultrasonic cleaning machine.

According to the difference of application fields, it can be divided into industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, special ultrasonic cleaning machine for automobile maintenance, experimental ultrasonic cleaning machine and medical ultrasonic cleaning machine.

Fork-type, truss manipulator ultrasonic cleaning machine: faster cleaning, high efficiency, simple machine and equipment structure, high compatibility mode, equipment failure rate is low, easy to maintain. It is suitable for surface spraying solution, machinery manufacturing, electronic industry, medical device industry, semiconductor industry, etc. .

Table top ultrasonic cleaning machine

Along with the industrial cleaning has become an indispensable key step in modern industrial production activities, more and more fields and enterprises have been applied to the ultrasonic cleaning machine. The utility model has the advantages of convenient use, low input cost and expenses, and can be combined with the traditional handicraft. This article lists the following key areas of cleaning applications, such as in the face of a high degree of cleaning difficulties, why not use ultrasonic cleaning equipment cleaning stains.

Home applications: gold jewelry, jewelry, hair accessories, brooch, frame glasses, mechanical watch, water-based pen, CD, Razor, comb, soft hair toothbrush, removable dentures, tea ware, etc. , there are also glass bottles, nipples and fruit, accessories, special tools and fruit can be cleaned at the same time also launched sterilization.

Automobile industry: cylinder block, cylinder head, steering mechanism, automobile engine, transmission, shock absorber, bearing, nozzle, valve body, carburetor, chassis before painting to remove rust and oil ash, before phosphating cleaning, all kinds of machine parts processing surface, cavity for decontamination, remove oxide skin cleaning, so as to meet the surface parts, cavity particle size, cleanliness requirements, complete all kinds of parts inside and outside the oil stains, carbon, colloid and other dirt fully and thoroughly clean.

Railway locomotive: all kinds of brake valves, brake valves, brake oil pipes, shock absorbers, gear bearings, air conditioning system coolers, heat pipe radiator, gas turbines, electrical equipment and other parts of decontamination, dust, Rust. Anti-rust, anti-rust and anti-oil on all parts of the front and Corridor connection of the train.

Rotary turbulent ultrasonic cleaning machine: for high-cleanliness requirements of goods, suitable for high-precision, more complex shape of the workpiece (valve body, pump body, shell, etc.) , high-quality stainless steel production, cleaning, rinsing, fine bleaching, hot air drying, vacuum drying equipment in a cavity.

Full-sealed vacuum organic solvent cleaning series, using vacuum + high temperature ultrasonic cleaning, cleaning effect is good. The process adopts spraying + ultrasonic immersion rough washing, rough washing self-circulation, rough washing liquid, rough washing; or spraying + ultrasonic immersion fine washing, fine washing self-circulation, fine washing liquid, fine washing.

Aerospace: metering instruments, high pressure nozzles, rotary wings, flow control equipment, mechanical control systems, aircraft hub, brake systems, air conditioning heat exchangers, radiators, rolling bearings, all kinds of metal products such as high-precision cleaning. Removals include abrasive and polishing deposits, molding sand, dust, removal of vegetable oils, coolant, polishing wax, grinding paste wax, removal of Burr, cleaning of carbon deposits, etc. .

Optical devices: resin lenses, camera lens sets, eyeglasses, high magnifying glasses, optical microscopes, binoculars, watch glasses, glass, glass coating, prisms and other types of optical lenses after grinding and before coating cleaning, must remove attachments are: paint, slow-drying water, vegetable oils, dyes, rust, plastic residues, floating dust, fingerprint identification. LCD substrate plating, ITO film front clean, LCD substrate etching, pouring liquid crystal before, after the process clean. Liquid crystal chip after packaging residual liquid crystal clean.

Electrical and electronic: all kinds of resistors, capacitors shell, electronic components, low-voltage electrical shell and metal products cleaning. Contains List of semiconductor materials, crystals, resistors, capacitors, PCB boards, SMT patches, IC chips, connectors, connectors, switching devices, monocrystalline silicon, transistors, diodes, electronic circuit boards, motherboards, piezoelectric ceramic substrates, picture tubes, vacuum devices and other electronic components manufacturing process residue, paint additives, dust cleaning.

Jewelry and watches: rings, necklaces, gold, diamond, silver products, all kinds of ornaments and crafts, hairpin jewelry and other precision accessories production process accessories (paint, varnish, grease, dyes, plastic residues, floating dust, fingerprints) , oil stains and polishing wax rosin flux removal, and its meter, strap, case, needle, digital disk, transmission gears, screws, spring springs and other production dust, oxide, polishing paste high-precision cleaning.

Medical Equipment: accessories (blood, gelatin, dust, fingerprint, blood stain, protein) cleaning, syringe, operating room equipment, titration tube, biochemical test utensils, glass containers, dental supplies, esophagus, bronchoscope, endoscope, microscope cleaning, disinfection, sterilization, cleaning, etc. .

Laboratory: because ultrasonic energy can pass through the inner walls of glass containers and tiny gaps, small round holes, blind areas, it can be used in all glass containers, test tubes, equipment, utensils, beakers cleaning. It can also be used in auxiliary experiments such as mixing uniformity, purification, emulsification and so on.

Hardware machinery industry: electroplating parts, vacuum plating parts, locks, compressors, watch parts, high-precision textile equipment, precision mold manufacturing, motor parts, rolling bearings, castings, metal stamping parts, glasses frame, stainless steel kitchenware, transmission gears, crankshaft forgings, gate valves, heat pipe radiator and other precision parts production and processing of oil removal, chip removal, cutting fluid removal, decontamination, dust removal cleaning.

Chinese herbal medicine rational active ingredient purification: ultrasonic wave to replace boiling extraction technology, high efficiency and protect the rational active ingredient.

Recycling/maintenance cleaning: recycled parts such as automobiles, space engines, shield machines, etc. need to be thoroughly cleaned of waste oil, grease, and precipitated dust, the engine, transmission, hub and other key parts of mechanical equipment parts do high-precision cleaning. ATM machine maintenance. After-market car maintenance.

Textile and dyeing industry: equipment surface accessories (fingerprints, dust, printing ink, dyes, plastic residues, rubber residues) cleaning, cots, spinneret, wire drawing board, textile spindle, screen printing, fiber (stainless steel wire, nickel wire, copper wire, etc.) , printer nozzle oil decontamination.

Military industry: military equipment is nothing more than optical, mechanical and electrical integration equipment. Military equipment is stored in military warehouses in a state of reserve, it was inevitable for the equipment to be absorbed and destroyed by dust and stains during storage, training, and exercise. In particular, it was difficult for complicated weapons and equipment to be cleaned and maintained by manpower, the ultrasonic cleaning technology maintains the weapon equipment, and the cleaning problem is solved.