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How to choose the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory?

Date: 2022-09-24Number: 270

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is used for cleaning glassware and beaker test tubes in the laboratory. Compared with manual cleaning, the ultrasonic cleaning machine has the outstanding advantages of batch cleaning and can clean the stains on the inside of Beaker test tubes, and suitable for mixing, extraction and other applications, so it is widely used in the laboratory.

The development of ultrasonic cleaning machine industry today, the market for various types of all kinds of features, so that everyone is confused, what is a good way to quickly pick the right? In fact, speaking of simple is also very simple, just memorize the following 5 key words can.

ultrasonic cleaning machine

The size of the tank body

Need to see the size of the ultrasonic cleaning tank, to ensure that can be loaded under the Beaker to be washed test-tube, so before purchasing, first measured the largest beaker test-tube size, to be clear and easy to come, do not have to calculate, in case you can't forget the small one. Also need to see the amount of cleaning, if the amount of washing, it is obvious, slot just also useless, have to take into account a number of washing together, the advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine is the batch cleaning efficiency.

Ultrasonic frequency

Ultrasonic cleaning frequency between 28 khz and 120 khz, the use of water or cleaning agents caused by the physical cleaning effect of cavitation is obviously beneficial to the low-frequency, generally around 28-40 khz. For small voids, slits, deep hole parts cleaning, with high frequency (generally 40 kHz above) good, and even hundreds of kHz. When cleaning hardware parts, use 400kHz. If using broadband FM cleaning, the actual effect is better.

Functional requirements

Need to see functional requirements, there are CNC, mechanical, power adjustable. Experiment with recommended numerical control type, elegant appearance, can record the last time time, if the power requirements for different cleaning work pieces are high, you can choose the power adjustable.

Ultrasonic power

When buying ultrasonic cleaning machine, we should first pay attention to the working frequency of the equipment to choose, such as in the ultrasonic cleaning more use of water or water cleaning agent, then, according to the physical cleaning force formed by the cavity effect, a very good effect can be obtained when a low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine is used, but in the cleaning of parts and equipment with narrow gaps or deep holes when trying to choose high-frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine.