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How to effectively select the power and frequency of ultrasonic cleaning equipment?

Date: 2022-10-27Number: 166

Many people have some confusion in the process of choosing ultrasonic cleaning machine, do not know how to choose the reasonable power and frequency of ultrasonic cleaning machine. How to effectively select the power and frequency of ultrasonic cleaning equipment? 

ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. How to choose the power of the ultrasonic cleaning machine

When the power of ultrasonic cleaning machine is large, the sound intensity will become larger, the radius and the initial radius of cavitation bubble will become larger, cavitation intensity enhanced. That is, the higher the sound intensity, the stronger the cavitation, conducive to cleaning effect. On the contrary, it is accurate, scientific and reasonable to select ultrasonic power. More and more high sound power, more obvious cavitation effect, but also will produce a large number of meaningless bubbles, increase transmission loss, resulting in a sound barrier. At the same time, the higher the sound intensity increases the nonlinear loss, which will affect the cleaning efficiency of the parts to be cleaned to avoid the sound source. Moreover, the cavitation erosion of the cleaning vibrating plate becomes more and more serious, which leads to the shortening of the service life of the equipment. If the cleaning power of ultrasonic wave is too small, it will endanger the cleaning time of the workpiece, resulting in a longer cleaning time or cleaning efficiency error. Therefore, usually in the selection of ultrasonic cleaning equipment under the premise of the workpiece is usually within 30 cm height, so the selection of ultrasonic cleaning equipment groove height of about 40 cm, select the bottom single plate can be, power maintained in 0.3 ~ 0.5 W per square centimeter. If the workpiece increases, or each time the amount of cleaning more, select the height of the slot in 40cm above, usually according to the power to calculate, generally choose in 11W/L.

2. How to choose the frequency of the ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cavitation threshold is related to the frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher the cavitation threshold. The lower the frequency and the lower the cavitation threshold, the easier the cavitation will be. At low frequencies, liquids are compressed and loosed at longer intervals. So that the bubble can grow to a larger size, enhance cavitation strength, beneficial to the cleaning effect. Therefore, low-frequency ultrasonic cleaning is usually used in large parts of the surface or dirt and workpiece surface adhesion is high. But easy to damage erosion of the workpiece surface. Therefore, it is not suitable to select the lower frequency for the parts with high surface requirements. And low frequency, the resulting noise also increases. High-frequency ultrasonic penetration is strong, it is appropriate to clean the surface of high smoothness requirements or surface complex, blind holes quite a number of parts. At the same time, the noise of high-frequency ultrasound is also small, suitable for cleaning some precision parts, such as some electronic components, small bearing processing, magnetic materials, etc. . But for special parts such as integrated circuit board, silicon chip surface coating cleaning then choose a higher frequency of ultrasound to clean the most appropriate. For some larger parts of the workpiece such as the engine, valves and other large workpiece should be selected for cleaning low-frequency ultrasound.