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How to enhance the use of laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine effect?

Date: 2022-10-06Number: 160

The ultrasonic cleaning machine is a kind of cleaning and experimental auxiliary equipment frequently used in various laboratories. Therefore, in the process of using the ultrasonic cleaning machine in the laboratory, what should be paid attention to in order to ensure that the instrument will not be damaged, but also to enhance the better use of it?

ultrasonic cleaning machine

1. Can't Cook Dry

Remember that it is forbidden to turn on the machine without adding cleaning fluid, and the amount of cleaning fluid added must meet the requirements, and if the cleaning fluid is too small, it will affect the cleaning effect and even burn out the instrument.

2. Prevent collisions

Do not hit the bottom of the cylinder immediately with a heavy object to prevent the energy converter of the ultrasonic cleaner from being damaged or falling off, resulting in poor service quality or stopping vibration.

3. Replace the lotion

In the process of operation, if necessary, to the ultrasonic cleaning machine to replace the new cleaning fluid, therefore, must remember to turn off the machine and wait for cleaning fluid replacement after restarting the ultrasonic cleaning machine, in order to put all kinds of appliances into the cleaning tank of the ultrasonic cleaning machine for cleaning.

4. Use electricity safely

In order to ensure the safe use of electricity for ultrasonic cleaning machines, lab heads should keep in mind the need for a dedicated power supply (with good grounding) when operating the machines, not with other electrical equipment to share a power supply, but also for the ultrasonic cleaning machine to install a 6A or more regulated power supply to confirm the power supply stability of the cleaning machine.

The experimenter must pay special attention to the above-mentioned problems in the process of operation. Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine has good cleaning effect and relatively stable quality, but also need to use in the process of standard operating procedures, do not have to cause human factors damage, in order to ensure the long-term cleaning quality, in addition, the procurement staff also need to pay attention to select a better after-sales ultrasonic cleaning machine manufacturers, so if the equipment found abnormal circumstances can be timely technical services and after-sales support.