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How to judge the quality of ultrasonic vibrating plate?

Date: 2022-10-10Number: 243

How to judge the quality of ultrasonic vibrating plate

1. It can be identified by the production process and appearance of the ultrasonic vibrating plate

In fact, this immediate best reflects the high quality of the product concern, technology and appearance of good product quality is usually not bad. And the design process seriously affects product quality.

2, can also be based on the ultrasonic shock plate process design and use of materials to identify

Must have very good understanding and experience of transducer materials. Whether the design is feasible should be judged according to the material chosen. The quality of the product is seriously affected by the quality of the material. If the same specification of different materials, product quality will be some difference. Fake and inferior materials can not make good products.

3. on-board experiment:

A, output power experiment: it can detect the matching of the transducer and the electric box, and also can reflect the size of the load power output of the transducer sent out by the electric box. The bigger the mode band, the better the working effect, and the stronger the output power. The magnitude of the current only reflects the output efficiency, not the power of the device.

B, stability test (simulated aging test) ; carrying the rated load testing equipment electrical box and transducer output power stability.

C, Load Operation Experiment; test product quality stability and service life. This test only needs to work for 8 hours continuously under the rated load.

ultrasonic vibrating plate

Selection of ultrasonic shock plate:

1. Types of multi-power oscillators or high-power oscillators

A good quality ultrasonic oscillator, the focus is on the industry and the type of commonly used cleaning workpiece. This is also the selection of procurement is the principle and basis. In general, the selection of equipment, do not choose low-power equipment, usually low-power cleaning efficiency is not high, the effect is not good, can kind of multi-power oscillator or high-power oscillator.

2. be aware that the frequency range can not be too small

The working effect of the precision ultrasonic oscillator is directly related to its frequency. Usually this type of machine equipment frequency is not high, so general-purpose equipment usually work in low hertz. However, high frequency operations are required when cleaning unique products or structural crevices. Therefore, in the selection of Ultrasonic transducer, it is best to choose broadband oscillator, frequency range need not be too narrow.

3, pay attention to the machine temperature range should not be too small

The temperature control of ultrasonic cleaning machine is also very important, its temperature range is also the key to purchase. Because some cleaning agents must be high temperature or higher temperature environment to produce cavitation, if the temperature range of equipment is too small, it is not easy to produce cavitation, so the cleaning effect is too poor.

4, pay attention to seismic plate corrosion resistance will not be poor

The vibrating plate of the Ultrasonic transducer is so powerful that the transducer is set deep in the middle. If the cover of poor compression resistance or corrosion resistance is weak, it will harm the transducer and the relationship between the conductive medium. Therefore, when choosing Ultrasonic transducer, it is important to remember the corrosion resistance and compression resistance of seismic plates.